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00:00:10,824 --> 00:00:13,143 Dude Perfect.
What's up, guys?
We're the editors for Dude Perfect.
Welcome to Editor Edition 2.
Let's hit it.
00:00:21,795 --> 00:00:23,420 Man, if you would have told me after we
did the first video that this was happening,
I'd have just laughed at you.
Since Editor Edition 1, there's been
a lot of small changes here and there.
But I think the biggest thing has been adding Will.
He's had a lot to bring to the table.
Chad and I were doing great work.
But man, it just started to take a toll on us.
00:00:45,320 --> 00:00:46,130 My name's Will.
I'm the newest editor for DP.
Working here with Tim and Chad is awesome.
But it's been a lot of hard work,
and things can get pretty crazy sometimes.
Our videos are being deleted.
They're disappearing!
Guys, we've got a code red.
Grab your bags.
Meet me in the lobby now.
00:01:11,460 --> 00:01:13,710 All right, Tim, I need you to shut down the main power
Got it.
Will, I need you to cut the big satellite.
The big one?
The big one.
We have three minutes, or we lose everything.
Let's go.
Let's go.
00:01:33,450 --> 00:01:34,080 Whoa!
I'm here.
What do I do?
All right.
You're going to have to plug in your laptop.
I'm sending you a file right now.
Got it.
I'm on it.
I'm on it.
Will, are you in position?
I'm here.
I'm at the big satellite.
There's a box right behind it.
Open it.
Cut the red wire.
They're all red.
Uh, cut all of them.
This is not working.
It's changing colors now.
Oh, my--
Red, red, red, red, red, red.
Chad, I can't do this, man.
Pull it together, Will.
You signed up for this.
Boys, do you want to keep your job here?
Let's hurry.
OK, Chad.
I'm down to the last wire.
Wait, wait, wait.
We've got to do this at the same time.
Guys, this is not working.
The file is doing nothing.
All right.
Whatever you do, do not touch the reactor.
It's not worth it.
I gotta rip it out.
But it's way too dangerous.
There's no other way.
We've got years of hard work on the line.
I will not go down like this.
Tim, listen to me.
You're not going to make it.
Chad, Will, it's been great working with you.
Tim, no!
I'm going to rip it out.
Don't do it.
Tim, no, no, no.
00:02:34,470 --> 00:02:36,870 [SOBBING]
00:02:40,710 --> 00:02:42,180 3.
00:02:43,450 --> 00:02:44,329 [GRUNTING]
00:02:47,590 --> 00:02:48,100 Pound it!
See ya!
00:03:07,506 --> 00:03:09,000 Tim.
Tim, come in.
00:03:12,520 --> 00:03:13,780 Guys, I made it.
We did it.
00:03:18,145 --> 00:03:19,270 That was a close one, boys.
Glad you're OK, Tim.
We did it.
Wait a minute.
The hack looks like it was coming from inside the office.
00:03:38,520 --> 00:03:42,180 So turns out Panda was pretty upset
that he hasn't been in a lot of the videos this year.
Looks like we're going to try to get him
in a couple more videos, and he said he's not
going to hack us anymore.
So, uh, I think we're good.
People love to ask us all the time, do we fake our shots?
It's probably the most common question that we get.
And it is harder to fake it than to make it for real.
This is the half-court shot.
00:04:06,110 --> 00:04:07,520 This is a ping pong pan popper.
00:04:13,312 --> 00:04:15,520 So one thing that's really cool about being an editor
is we test every potential trick shot idea.
A lot of the ideas don't quite make it to YouTube.
Tim does all the testing.
The whole Mentos and Diet Coke trick shot--
thought that was going to be a big one.
We tried puzzle trick shots.
That one just didn't quite fit right.
Bubble trick shots-- that one we thought,
for sure, was going to hit.
Ended up being a bust.
And then, shaving cream trick shots--
yeah, that one really didn't have a chance.
The guys left for tour about six weeks ago.
And one of the last things they told
us was, good luck holding down the fort.
No dumpster fires.
There was a dumpster fire.
Will just starts yelling.
We sprinted out the back door.
Will grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran outside.
I picked up my phone, immediately called 911.
Chad's trying to untangle this hose,
but then he realized our data is in our office.
So he sprints over there.
When Will got out there, he saw how big the fire
was and was like, nope.
Not doing that.
So he runs back inside.
I run in, grab the data, and immediately
put it in Tim's truck.
The fire department showed up, and they really
resolved the situation quick.
It was cool to meet some awesome first responders that
really saved the day for us.
I mean, we were kind of freaking out.
And of course, you can't come to Dude Perfect
and not do a trick shot.
I think one of the firemen attempted a trick shot
but kind of came up short.
But we won't blame him for that.
Part of working for DP, you've got
to be ready to edit anywhere at any time.
00:05:48,130 --> 00:05:52,330 Editor Edition 1, we did the heli shot.
This a 600-foot world record shot.
00:05:58,390 --> 00:06:00,000 The whole world laughed at us that day.
This time, failure was not an option.
We had to go bigger, and we had to succeed.
We called bridges, dams, even aircrafts.
We just hit a brick wall.
The world's highest basketball shot seemed out of reach.
That's when Will had the idea.
00:06:29,938 --> 00:06:31,729 There was only one place in the world where
we could pull off this stunt.
00:06:52,470 --> 00:06:53,800 Everyone's in position.
Cameras are rolling.
Let's break a world record.
This is the world-record, 1,200-foot rocket shot.
3, 2, 1.
Here we go.
Let's go!
Oh, baby!
00:07:08,088 --> 00:07:08,588 Oh!
00:07:11,540 --> 00:07:13,240 Guys, do we have the parachute?
Do we have the parachute?
Rocket's coming down.
We're looking good, boys.
The ball is right above us.
Go left, there.
Left, left, left!
All right.
We're getting out.
Come on.
Come on.
Get back.
Get back this way.
We gotta keep running.
Gotta keep running.
It's moving.
It's moving.
Left, left, left, left, left, left.
OK, right.
Straight, straight, straight, straight.
Let's go!
Yeah, the first try!
Dudes, we did it!
That rocket was so high.
Ladies and gentlemen, that was Editor Edition 2, baby.
Let's head to an outro!
What's up, guys?
Thanks for watching.
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Our stuff's pretty cool.
I mean, we're kind of cool.
Pound it, noggin.
See ya!
Now we gotta edit this.
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Editor Edition 2 | Dude Perfect

172 Folder Collection
kuangkuang published on October 24, 2019
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