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Ouch! That hurt!
My name is Paul, and I went to hell and back to show you traffic dos and don'ts.
Here I go, making my first mistake.
Overtaking should happen on the driver's side.
Don't do what I did.
It's called undertaking and it's always a bad idea.
Where am I now?
The worst place you can be, the blind spot.
Drivers cannot see me here, and I could be in real danger, so don't risk it.
Take a look at this car: it's way too close to me.
That's a common mistake.
Drivers, please give cyclists 1 meter of clearance in urban areas and 1.5 meter outside the city limits.
Now we're cycling side by side and that's a silly thing to do.
We're two cyclists, not twenty.
Don't do this unless riding in a big group.
And we're not even dressed for this.
I'm almost invisible, and she has no helmet.
Get lights, wear bright colors and a helmet, and that will keep you safe.
Can you believe this car?
That's a very dangerous move called a right hook, and it could have ended way worse.
Drivers, always signal before making a turn.
I hope no one else has to experience this.
Always double-check for cyclists before opening doors.
Remember this one, because it seriously hurt.
I am a professional stunt man.
We did all of this so you'll know how to prevent dangerous situations and share the road responsibly.
Stay on the safe side with
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To Hell and Back On a Bike [Safety Video]

899 Folder Collection
Mackenzie published on October 15, 2019    Mackenzie translated    Steve reviewed
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