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Hey, hey everybody!
My name is Diane and this is EWA app channel.
And today we're gonna share with you top slang words.
From native speakers, from their daily speech.
So, if you're interested, just keep on watching.
And I'd like to start with the word "dig."
This is the word that means that you enjoy something.
Really, really much.
For example.
And with apologies to Lady Gaga.
"I'm digging that new Lady Gaga track. It's awesome!"
Very... diggy.
- Lady Gaga? - Yeah.
The next one is "botch."
"To botch" means "to mess something up" or "to make a mistake."
For example, "Damn, I just botched that test."
"Butt in" is to interrupt the conversation.
So, for example, if your brother asks you...
"Don't butt in here, I'm trying to talk to my bae."
You just have to watch out and go.
Grace, I won't butt in.
Bae, what is "a bae?"
And actually speaking of the word "bae."
So, basically this means "before anyone else."
Which is "your one and only, your love."
So this is the good word for 2019. Just keep it in mind.
"Piss off."
Piss off.
Piss off.
Piss off yourself.
Everyone knows this phrase, right?
It's basically saying "get the fuck out of my face!"
Or it means that you're furious about something that's going on around you.
For example, "I'm so pissed off by this new song, you know, like hell no!"
The next one is my favorite, it's "yaaas."
And it's a celebratory slang, simply meaning "yes."
- Yaaas. - Yaaas, queen.
Actually, it's quite annoying for the audience.
But, you know, who cares? I don't.
- Yaaas, yaaas, yaaas, yaaas yaaas, yaaas!
"Ace" is something that is going on exceedingly good.
Like "excellent."
And since it's an Australian slang, I don't know what to say.
So, someone, please, put it in some movie.
- Ace.
The next word is "kudos."
"Kudos" are the sign of awesomeness.
So, when you earn some kudos...
It means you gain some respect and recognition from your friends.
Or the audience, nevermind.
I say kudos to Dr. Reid.
So, when you like something you just say, "Oh, yeah! Kudos for that!"
"Binge watching" is marathon-watching TV series or Netflix episodes with "little to no sleep at all."
So, for example, you can say, "I just watched the season 5 of Friends."
"I binge watched it to death."
Binge watching that show together is our thing.
"Thank u next" is something that helped you already in your life, but you need to move on to another level.
So, when you're done with something, and you need to move on, you can say "thank u, next!"
- Thank u, next.
"Nailed it." It's actually a good one.
Because if you do something right and fulfill your test successfully, it's good.
So, your friends say, "Oh, you won that basketball game! Wow, good for you!"
And you say it, "nailed it!"
- Nailed it!
But sometimes you lose and you screw it all up.
And all you have to say is "nailed it..."
"Easy peasy."
This is the good way to state that something is so easy to do.
And actually, it was invented by the company "Lemon Squeezy."
It was their slogan, the funny one "easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!"
- Easy peasy.
- Easy peasy.
- Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
"Diddo" is commonly used as a way of saying "same" or "I agree."
For example, your friend tells you, "This new noodle place is a total mess."
And you say, "Diddo."
And it was my list of slang words.
If you want to add some to my list just leave your comments down below.
If you want to know more, go and download EWA App.
I leave the link down below in the info box.
And thank you for watching! I'll see you next time!
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360 Folder Collection
ayami published on October 15, 2019
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