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With the NSA, CIA, and FBI all in the news lately for spying it's a good time to know
where all our real-life-James-Bond-style-Russian-chocking-martini-shacking-fake-mustache-wearing spies come from?
It's not from the NSA.
They do spying, but it's the looking at your emails type of spying.
They are basically huge ears feeding off your personal conversations.
The FBI does spy stopping.
They're a Federal enforcement agency.
If a foreign spy is here breaking the law, they'll get involved, but they care about
the breaking the law part not the spy part.
The Military does some spy supporting but not spying.
Elite Special Operations forces, like Delta Force and Seal Team Six, swoop in with tanks,
guns and helicopter.
But they're not exactly secret or clandestine.
Spies are clandestine.
In fact they come from the National Clandestine Service, a mysterious subsection of the CIA,
shielded from us by an impenetrable shroud of secrecy.
But if you remove the shroud here's what we know.
Deep inside the CIA is the NCS and inside the NCS is the Special Activities Division.
Inside the SAD are the Special Operations Group and The Political Action Group.
And inside the SOG and PAG are our spies.
Operatives known as "Core-Collectors".
They are our Russian-Choking-martini-shacking-fake-mustache-wearing honest to god spies.
Most are handpicked from the Military Special Operations forces.
They've gone through the NCS Clandestine Training Program.
They're the elite of the elite and they're accepting applications.
So, you can apply.
Good luck with that.
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How Do You ACTUALLY Become a Spy?

190 Folder Collection
Ingrid published on October 14, 2019    Alvin He translated    Evangeline reviewed
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