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  • With the NSA, CIA, and FBI all in the news lately for spying it's a good time to know

  • where all our real-life-James-Bond-style-Russian-chocking-martini-shacking-fake-mustache-wearing spies come from?

  • It's not from the NSA.

  • They do spying, but it's the looking at your emails type of spying.

  • They are basically huge ears feeding off your personal conversations.

  • The FBI does spy stopping.

  • They're a Federal enforcement agency.

  • If a foreign spy is here breaking the law, they'll get involved, but they care about

  • the breaking the law part not the spy part.

  • The Military does some spy supporting but not spying.

  • Elite Special Operations forces, like Delta Force and Seal Team Six, swoop in with tanks,

  • guns and helicopter.

  • But they're not exactly secret or clandestine.

  • Spies are clandestine.

  • In fact they come from the National Clandestine Service, a mysterious subsection of the CIA,

  • shielded from us by an impenetrable shroud of secrecy.

  • Dun.

  • Dun.

  • Dun.

  • But if you remove the shroud here's what we know.

  • Deep inside the CIA is the NCS and inside the NCS is the Special Activities Division.

  • Inside the SAD are the Special Operations Group and The Political Action Group.

  • And inside the SOG and PAG are our spies.

  • Operatives known as "Core-Collectors".

  • They are our Russian-Choking-martini-shacking-fake-mustache-wearing honest to god spies.

  • Most are handpicked from the Military Special Operations forces.

  • They've gone through the NCS Clandestine Training Program.

  • They're the elite of the elite and they're accepting applications.

  • So, you can apply.

  • Good luck with that.

With the NSA, CIA, and FBI all in the news lately for spying it's a good time to know

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