B1 Intermediate US 50 Folder Collection
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- How do you create a part of a person
that feels like it is a part of them?
So that they can not just like get by,
but so they can express their self
with the limb that they have,
they can feel good about it, they can feel sexy, inspired,
and most importantly shows that having a limb difference
is not something that necessarily stops you.
(bright upbeat music)
My name is Seth Kane, also known as Dr. Adventure,
and I am the founder and CEO of The New Flesh Workshop,
but most of my friends just call me Doc.
- [Interviewer] Just to clarify,
you're not actually a doctor?
- I am not actually a physician or a PhD.
(bright upbeat music)
The New Flesh Workshop is something I started in 2007
just in my mom's garage.
What we do is develop various types
of prosthetic add-ons and customizations
by medical implant devices and various types
of wearable technologies for human enhancement.
There's been several firsts that have
come out of The New Flesh Workshop.
As far as I know we're the first company
to make a ballistic case mod for a prosthetic leg.
That's a cool piece, we can make a prosthetic
that'll stop nine millimeter rounds.
We've created for, you know, a couple hundred dollars
a DIY solution for missing your ear on the outside
and still being able to hear without having
to go though multiple major surgeries
and having holes drilled in your skull.
Do I consider myself a mad scientist?
I consider myself a fairly happy scientist actually.
A lot of my inspiration comes from stories,
comic books and sci-fi.
The writers of these kinds of stories
are always looking at what could happen next.
But they don't know really how to do it
but I think at some point somebody has to be like,
"No, no, I'm gonna like, Jules Verne was right
"I'm gonna build a submarine."
Somebody's gotta do that
and that is probably the thing that really
gets me up in the morning with a smile on
to go and make something happen.
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Dr. Adventure is Making the Bionic Man

50 Folder Collection
許大善 published on October 14, 2019
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