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So we posted some things about starting
my season 17, and so we did a little clever thing
with the Seventeen magazine thing.
Yes, it was so clever.
My producers-- thank you.
It was really cute.
I was like, oh my god, this is so cute.
Seventeenth season!
And then I saw my name, and I was like, wait,
what does it say?
It says, "Oprah's here, oh, and also, Reese Witherspoon."
That really is.
That's not me.
That's my people.
I thought maybe it's just cause, you know, I don't know.
I thought maybe that you were jealous
because I've been spending a lot of time with Oprah this summer.
Oh, did you spend time with Oprah this summer?
Well, yeah, we're best friends.
What did you-- what did y'all do this summer?
Oh, my god.
We were just hanging out.
Just, like, talking about spiritual things and gardening.
Our gardens are both, like, blowing up.
So, you posted something.
You're really trying to-- look, you're
trying to be like Oprah now.
Well, you know, the reason I started
my garden was actually Oprah was there
helping me with my garden.
That's actually-- there's a photo.
She's-- yeah, that's the real photo.
Because Oprah and I like to garden on Sundays.
I see.
One day I said to her, like, you know, I like to call these
our "Super Soul Sundays" together.
You know?
And then I was like-- one day, I was like,
you should have a podcast with some
of your favorite spiritual leaders,
and you should call it "Super Soul Sessions."
And she was like, Reese, that's why
we're best friends, because you come up with such great ideas.
All right.
So all of her success--
You know what else she loves?
And so one time I said, you should just
have your favorite things, and you should put it out, like,
in your magazine.
And-- but only once a year, because if you do it more,
then people get overwhelmed.
But it's a huge hit.
Yeah, it sure is.
So that was you too?
Yeah, that was me.
That really is amazing.
This is true.
And also, you're best friends with Jen Aniston.
Oh, yes, yes.
Well, we're work friends, too, because now we
do a show together called, Morning Show.
Yeah, which is really good, by the way.
Oh, thank you.
It really is.
You were so sweet.
You texted me this summer.
You were like, I saw it.
I texted you as soon as I saw it.
But the only thing-- and I hate to do
this in front of everybody else, but I have a show, so I can.
When you were here last time, you
kept talking about Jen Aniston and everything.
So I did this after you left.
I am going to settle this once and for all.
Reese Witherspoon-- you know her, right?
Of course!
No, who?
She somehow-- she somehow--
she somehow thinks that she and you are better friends than you
and I are, and I just want to settle this once
and for all, that you and I are better friends than Reese
and you.
She's-- yes, honey.
We've cleared this up.
I know.
Haven't we?
I thought we had, too.
So, once and for all, you and I are better friends.
Yes, darling.
I mean, that's basically based on also,
almost 30 years of knowing each other.
So it's done.
Thank you, bye.
Wow, Jen, wow.
That is really--
I-- you know.
I've known her, you know--
So now I'm going to call Oprah and we're going to do this--
Oh my god.
Please don't call Oprah.
I'm scared.
I was just kidding, guys.
I don't know why you have to make all this up.
You have a beautiful family.
You have a full life.
You're producing things, you're starring in things.
You've got so much going on.
I just like to give you a hard time.
I know.
I know.
And I like to give you a hard time.
I know.
It's so fun.
Why is that our friendship?
I don't know.
It just is. and I love it.
I love it.
I like it, too.
We'll never stop.
But I saw a picture of Deacon, is that your son's name?
Deacon is my 16-year-old.
Oh, my god, he's beautiful, and he's--
look at him.
Ah, Deacon.
So, yeah, he's turning 16, and then
my little, that is, like, full of beans, you can see that one,
is almost seven.
That's incredible.
But now Deacon is--
you're teaching him how to drive?
He's starting to drive.
Oh god.
God help us all.
He's a good driver.
He's actually a better driver than I am.
Like, I-- I get distracted a lot, because I see cute dogs,
and I'm like, oh, I've got to pull over.
I literally will pull over the car and get out of the car
if it's a bulldog.
Like, only a-- I'm very preferential of certain breeds.
Like if someone's walking a dog, or just if it's loose,
you mean?
Oh, no, if it's being walked by somebody and it's really cute.
If it's being walked, you'll just pull over and get out.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
You don't do that.
I do it if they're-- if they look lost.
What, they're, like, loose?
Yeah, I don't pull over if someone's walking a dog,
and stop them from their day.
No, I'm-- I'll do that.
Wow, well, I guess that's really exciting for people
that Reese Witherspoon all of a sudden
is coming out to see their dog.
I would be-- there's probably a lot of pictures
in the world of me, like, on the side of a road with a dog.
I just have a weird thing about bulldogs.
I know, you just got a new one, right?
I saw a picture of it.
What is his name?
His name is Louis Armstrong.
All right.
Oh, my god.
Get-- I mean.
What are we talking about?
I know.
Just like, I can't, I know.
Now, wait, does he look like that now, or was
that when you first got him?
Is he bigger now.
No, he's so big now.
I should have brought a more recent picture.
How old is he now?
He's 16 weeks.
Oh, so that was really tiny.
And that's when he was, like, 11 weeks, and now he's 16 weeks,
and he's eaten the majority of my cabinets in my kitchen.
But it's OK.
And what kind of dog-- is that an English bulldog?
I don't care.
I'll get a new kitchen.
It's a dog.
I don't care.
He can do anything he wants.
Is it an English bulldog?
He is, he's English.
That's really cute.
And they all get along, the other dogs, too?
My Frenchie is a little mad.
She's like-- when he comes in a room, she's like--
she pretends she can't see him.
Oh, no.
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Reese Witherspoon Reacts to Jennifer Aniston's Best Friend Claims

26 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on October 14, 2019
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