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[ Gearshift slides ]
Do you remember we used to come here
and look over the town lights together?
Yeah, so what?
Then you turned into an asshole.
I brought you here to apologize, Towelie.
I let the money go to my head.
I -- I got greedy,
and I started acting like a towel.
I need you back.
I need Tegridy back the way it used to be.
No more harassing home growers?
No more harassing home growers.
No more dealing with those MedMen assholes.
No more MedMen.
No more kissing China's ass?
China's actually a free and loving country that --
I'm out. [ Door closes ]
Wait! Wait, Towelie! Come on, I need you!
I'm never working for a company
that's regulated by a communist government.
Okay, okay...
No more selling to the Chinese.
Then say it. Say, "Fuck the Chinese government."
[ Quietly ] Fuck the Chinese government.
I didn't hear you.
Fuck the Chinese government! There!
you just got your partner back.
[ Laughs ] This is it.
This is the moment that Tegridy Farms
got back on track.
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No More Kissing China's Ass - South Park - "SHOTS!!!" - s23e03

8880 Folder Collection
邱于嘉 published on October 12, 2019
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