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The person that caught my eye during the showcase is
Before debuting as a member fo ITZY
She was famous for being a talented trainee
Her face reminds you of something right?
Yes, a cat!
Yeji has a so-called 'cat face'
The edge of her eyes are facing upwards
The same for her eyebrows
She does look like a cat
and sophisticated
She might look cold, but she is loved by everyone
She can send a message through her songs and performances
I'm gonna live how I want, don't stop me! Cuz I'm special~
And her eyes
are called '학안(hak-an)'
The eyes of a crane
People with 'hak-an' are
Fast, brave, strong
And beautiful at the same time
I think Do Hyon has the same eyes
Do Hyon?
Yeah they look similar
- They look alike - Yeah they do
Her jaws are not narrow
She has a prominent jaw line
She also has a masculine side to her
She has androgynous features
If she can develop a certain character
She'll become even more famous
That means, she'll succeed in anything she does
I'm jealous~
She just debuted
So she's like a cute kitten now
But looks like she'll become tigress Yeji soon
No.4 of 'The best female Idol faces' was ITZY's Yeji
- Her eyes are incredibly charming - Yeah they are
She's very charming
You'll never forget her face
- I think Do Hyon has 'hak-an' too - Yeah he does
When he opens his eyes like that, he could be Yeji's brother!
Yeji lookalike!
(Thank you~)
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[ENG sub] Mnet TMI NEWS [13회] 타고난 고양이상 ITZY의 예지와 남도현 닮은꼴?! 190911 EP.13

38 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on October 12, 2019
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