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listening comprehension in the listening test you will be asked to demonstrate
how well you understand spoken English the entire listening test will last
approximately 45 minutes there are four parts and directions are given for each
part you must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet do not write your
answers in the test book part one directions for each question in this
part you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book when you
hear the statements you must select the one statement that best describes what
you see in the picture then find the number of the question on your answer
sheet and mark your answer the statements will not be printed in your
test book and will be spoken only one time look at the example item below now
listen to the four statements a their leaving the room B they're turning on
the machine see they're sitting at the table D they're reading the newspaper
statement C they're sitting at the table is the best description of the picture
so you should select answer C and Mark it on your answer sheet now let us begin
Part one with #question number one number one look at the picture marked number
one in your test book hey the man is pouring something to drink
B the man is writing something on his laptop
C the man is taking a nap D the is writing a letter on his note
#number two look at the picture marked number two in your test book a the horse
is running through a forest be the man is screaming out loud see the horse is
jumping over a block D the horse is sleeping peacefully
#number three look at the picture marked number three
in your test book a the women have the same bracelets be the women are wearing
sunglasses see the women on the right has longer hair D the women are twin
#number four look at the picture marks number four in your test book a the
woman is making a phone call be the man is taking a test see they're
waiting for a train the D they have been robbed of money
#number five look at the picture mark - number five in your test book a the
traffic lights are all the same size be the traffic lights are held by the same
cable see the arrow means to go back D the traffic light in the middle is not
#number six look at the picture mark - number six in your test book a the
watermelons are seedless B the watermelon is cut into quarters see the
watermelon is split in half D the other ones are not watermelons
#number seven look at the picture marked number seven in your test book a the
street is filled with a mob B it is cloudy and rainy see there are only a
few cars moving on the road D there are only a few cars parked on the road
#number eight look at the picture marks number eight in your test book a the
women are sitting on a tub be the car is about to pick them up see they're
waiting for the truck D they enjoying each other's company
#number nine look at the picture March number nine in your test book a the
people are crossing the road be the trees are over the Train see the car is
being chased by a police car D cars are going both ways on this street
#number ten look at the picture marked number ten in your test book a the
tablecloth is being put on the table by a maid be a couple of sitting at the
table see the table is ready to host people D the cups are full of drinks
#part two direction or statement and three responses spoken in English they
will be spoken only one time and will not be printed in your test book select
the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter A B or C
on your answer sheet now listen to an example question you will hear where is
the meeting room you will also hear a to meet the new director B it's the first
room on the right C yes at two o'clock the best response
to the question where is the meeting room is choice B it's the first room on
the right so B is the correct answer you should mark answer B on your answer
sheet now let us begin part two with question number 11 number 11 or 11
number 11 who is going to write the memo hey he's arriving later me know on the
right side C Yoko's doing it now
number 12 when will the document be released
Hey she'll borrow one B this morning C by telephone
number thirteen do you know where their nearest bank is a in 30 minutes
B no I'm not quite certain C okay I'll deposit it
number fourteen were you able to get tickets for the performance Hey
yes I ordered them by letter B I'm not a good performer see the train is on time
number 15 how long are you going to be away from your office a about an hour
ago me only for a day or so see the boss was
behind schedule today
number 16 did you get my letter or should I send it again eh I'll try to
visit B I spent 15 minutes see I received it last night
number 17 don't you have a meeting at the Security office now eh oh very
secure be no it's not until three o'clock see yes he made his point
number 18 who's going to the job fair a by bus I guess be the advertising staff
see to get the work done
number 19 why was sue quitting the company hey she can leave it on her
kitchen counter be she got hired by JH penny see no we first got to know each
other at the University
number 20 mr. Clinton made a good speech today didn't he hey yes he did a good
job B this is the wrong address C no I'm not in a good mood right now
number 21 don't you think it's a little hot in here
hey no I didn't quite catch what the speaker said me he went to the dentists
see yes it is a little stifling in here
number 22 where do you think I can find these things on my directory
hey she's standing by the filing cabinet B why don't you try the office supply
store C yes you definitely can
number 23 are you going to come here tomorrow afternoon
eh yes I'll be here at 4 p.m. be right that's where it's supposed to be see
possibly by next Friday
number 24 mr. Kawasaki expected the shipment delivered today didn't he
Hey I love it to be yes he's waiting for it right now see now she's gone to the
market now
number 25 would you like to sign up for the investment committee a perhaps could
you give me further information about it be she signed up for judo Class C once
when I was a full-time student
number 26 hey the battery is charged B yes I like popcorn C no shipping and
handling charges are all included
number 27 do I have to sign these two pages or just one a please sign both of
them be the signs ser - help yourself see yes it's a delicate design
number 28 did the Builder set a completion days a I calculated it be the
prices are fair enough see see he mentioned late June
number 29 don't you think this classified ad could be more appealing a
the advertising department B no I like the plain look see yes we
can add three new locations
number 30 would you like a brunch or dinner meeting hey I'd like to have the
steak please be the restaurant see I'd go for dinner
number 31 could you give me a hand moving this closet over a little bit
a to San Francisco next month B that's all we can give C certainly if it's not
too heavy
number 32 how about transferring closer to your family in Denver a yes that's
exactly what I have in mind be three sisters see I'll transfer it into your
checking account
number 33 has anybody heard which director is coming next Saturday
a I think it will be mr. Johnson B I've never heard of that movie
C no at bed-and-breakfast
number 34 what's your personal view on the wind power experiment
hey I expect it will be a hint B I was expecting that he would win see yes I
got in touch with dr. Sakamoto
number 35 why don't we meet at the conference room or shall we just stay
here hey he came to a seminar last week be Thanks
I've just finished my dinner see it might be cozier here
number 36 I didn't know you'd worked out at a gym Hey
I collect foreign coins B that's very thoughtful of you thank you see they
were giving me a real bargain
number 37 Nancy recently joined here didn't she
hey I came to the office early be I'll do it just in case
see I'm not quite certain about that
number 38 what do you think of your new house hey I would love it be its
quite comfortable see often by subway
number 39 when could you go over the proposal a you're looking nice today be
mayor review it right now see it was such a nice plan
number 40 there's something wrong with my laptop
eh I thought he looked handsome B that's a good inquiry see perhaps I can help
part three gun verse Asians between two people you will be asked to answer three
questions about what the speakers say in each conversation select the best
response to each question and mark the letter a B C or D on your answer sheet
the conversations will be spoken only one time and will not be printed in your
test book now let us begin part three with question number 41 questions number
41 through 43 refer to the following conversation hey Mike could you tell me
how to get to the central post office take the bus from over there at the
opposite side of the bank and a post office is two stops before the airport
it should not be that hard to find oh that's not far from here Thanks and then
if by chance you have to go to the post office I will take care of it for you
that's so kind of you but no thanks I've already stopped by yesterday I've
already stopped by yesterday number forty-one where does the woman want to
number 42 where does the man tell the woman to take the bus
number 43 what does the woman offer the man
questions number 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation hello my name
is Eric and I will be your server tonight what can I get you yes sure I
would like to have Pepsi to drink and I want a New York strip steak medium-well
and I want extra corn and mashed potatoes on the side please Oh
currently we are out of corn would you like to have something else on the side
instead then I would like tomato soup please number 44 who is the woman
talking to
number 45 what does she want for a main dish
number 46 what does the way to tell the about her side dishes
questions number 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation here we are
the Chicago Art in Music Museum oh my god
I'd hate to disappoint you that it is closed on Sundays now what can we do
would you like to go shopping instead yeah I'm really sorry let's go shopping
I really wanted to see the art pieces they have I guess we are going to have
to look for another time then maybe we can come next Saturday would you like to
number 47 when does this conversation take place
number 48 what does the man tell the woman about the museum
number 49 where do they go because the museum is closed
questions number 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation
have you finished work on that new proposal on the construction project yes
it's going out to the client this afternoon however there is one problem
with it it does not have the total budget calculated hmm then do you think
maybe you and I could work on it after lunch I really want us to get the
proposal done by today sure we could do that
I always appreciate your help James number 50 what will be sent to the
number 51 what problem does the proposal have
number 52 why is the woman thankful to the man
questions number 53 through 55 hello this is Jessica and I was just wondering
if you still have the book dark days available I'm sorry
unfortunately the book you're looking for was sold out a couple of days ago
would you like us to order the book yeah sure actually could I get it mailed to
my place as soon as you get it I need it before next Thursday and I'm Way too
busy until then to come get it we will have the book before Thursday but I am
sorry we do not mail the books to our customers therefore you will have to
come to the store to get it number 53 what do you know from the conversation
number fifty-four when will new copies of the book arrive in the store
number 55 what five what would the woman probably do
questions number 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation hey Gina
have you heard that our new spring merchandise arrived yesterday yes I have
should we advertise it in the newspaper now that the spring merchandise has
arrived you know what I have a better idea let's call all of our clients to
tell them that all the latest styles for spring are in your right word-of-mouth
has always worked well for us number 56 what are they discussing
number 57 what does genus suggests for the advertisement
number 58 how have they done their advertising before
questions number 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation hey Hanna
take a look at my office something has changed huh well I like the way you
decorated your office how long did it take you to decorate your office Thanks
um it took about four hours and a half it was a long and quite a hectic job I
still need to get some plants to put in the window though why don't you take
some of mine they've grown so big that they won't fit in my window number 59
what does the man ask Hannah to see
number sixty what does the man tell Hannah about decorating his office
number 61 why does Hanna offer to give a plan to the man
questions number 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation sir where is
the exit on this train I'm afraid you'll have to go to one of the first four cars
to exit the Train you mean I can't get off from this car
but I have two bags that are as big as me I can't drag them all the way to the
front cars this is absurd I am sorry only the first four cars open
onto the platform at the stop number 62 where is the woman
number 63 where can the woman exit from the Train
number 64 why is the woman mad
questions number 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation hello hey
what's up it's been a long time since we've talked hey do you want to go to
the movies tonight tonight but it's Tuesday and I have class tomorrow at 8
o'clock in the morning don't you have class tomorrow no I'm
done with all my classes today well then I'm going to go with someone else bye
number 65 what is the phone call about
number 66 why can the woman not go to the movies
number 67 what does the man tell her he will do
questions number 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation can I see
that magazine when you're finished with it there's an article I want to read
sure which article is it is it the one about the new car from BMW no about the
one on the upcoming election oh this is a magazine called the rides it only has
articles about cars I have times in my car if you want it number 68
what does the woman want to do
number 69 what did the woman assume about the magazine the man was reading
number 70 what does the man offer the woman
part for direct shocks given by a single speaker you will be asked to answer
three questions about what the speaker says in each short talk select the best
response to each question and mark the letter a B C or D on your answer sheet
the talks will be spoken only one time and will not be printed in your test
book now let us begin part four with question number 71 question 71 through
73 refer to the following introduction hello everyone and welcome to our
television program in this edition of heart smart we are interviewing dr.
Marvin Monroe of the heart foundation dr. Monroe is a leading expert in heart
fitness and is the author of three books on the subject today he will be talking
about the importance of a healthy diet in preventing heart disease his talk
will focus specifically on the dangers of trans fatty acids on the dangers of
trans fatty acids which appear in high amounts and products such as margarine
and synthetic whipped cream please join me in welcoming dr. Monroe number 71
what kind of program is this
number 72 how many books has dr. Monroe written
number 73 on what subject is dr. Monroe an expert
question 74 through 76 refer to the following announcement
welcome to the hideaway resort we believe that you will find this to be a
comfortable place to enjoy the conference on sales strategies please
make note of our expanded dining room cigar lounge and marble fountains you
are welcome to use any of the individual meeting rooms situated on the wide hall
level you will also find a continuous video demonstration in the ballroom
featuring the top 10 salesmen for the year our program today will begin with a
brunch in the dining room number 74 what is the topic of the conference
number 75 where are the individual meeting rooms
number 76 what is the first activity for the participants
question 77 through 79 refer to the following instruction okay campers let's
go over the safety precautions we'll take today before we go on our trip down
the river always wear your life preserver whenever you are in your canoe
don't stand up in your canoe because it can capsize quite easily if you do tip
over do not leave your boat don't let it float away and don't swim
to shore now as soon as you have put on your life jackets and gotten into your
canoes I'll show you the different ways to maneuver your boat and of course how
to hold your paddles number 77 what is the instructors main topic
number 78 what will the instructor do when the campers are in deccan news
number 79 what suggestion does the instructor make
questions 80 through 82 refer to the following announcement welcome to the
grand opening of our corporate Sports Center this facility is one of the most
modern of its kind in the city we have various exercise equipment a 25 metre
swimming pool and a basketball court the indoor tennis courts are still under
construction but they will be available for use by early next year we hope
you'll try coming here at lunchtime but remember that only full-time employees
can use the center on weekdays will be open to all employees and their
families on weekends so that everybody can enjoy this new center number 80 what
is not available until next year
number 81 who can use the facility on weekends
number 82 where is the announcement being made
questions 83 through 85 refer to the following announcement I was unable to
find your chart mr. Freeman you must be a new patient here at the make you smile
brilliant clinic before dr. levy will see you I would like you to complete a
few forms please be short include your insurance policy number a complete list
of your family medical history and any medication that you're currently taking
when you have completed the forms the assistant will begin your cleaning I'll
be here at the desk if you have any questions or concerns number 83 where is
the speaker
number 84 what information should be included on the form
number 85 what happens after the forum has been filled out
questions 86 through 88 good afternoon listeners thanks for
tuning in I'm John Bell and joining me today in the studio is financial adviser
and author Brian McKnight in his new book achieving financial independence
mr. McKnight discusses a variety of new techniques on how to better manage your
money these new ideas will help you save and conserve without giving up the
conveniences and lifestyle that you're used to tell us mr. McKnight how did you
become interested in the field of money management number 86 where is the
number 87 what is the topic of mr. McKnight's book
number 88 what does the speaker ask mr. McKnight about
questions 89 through ninety-one refer to the following announcement attention all
students over the age of 18 after the disastrous earthquake in Santiago last
week Red Cross International is pleading for your help the Canadian Red Cross has
announced that it will be collecting blood donations on Friday this week
blood types a positive and a B are those most needed as is blood type o
representatives from the organization will have a clinic arranged in the Swiss
family gymnasium from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. donators will receive a Red Cross
certificate and will also be provided with snacks and refreshments during the
one and a half hour procedure number 89 when will the Red Cross hold its blood
number 90 where will donations be held
number 91 how much time should students expect to spend at the collection
questions 92 through 94 refer to the following announcements thank you for
your patience here at the billard insurance company's monthly board
meeting over 20 members have already arrived but we're waiting on just a few
more today we will hear from the directors of both a human resource team
and the finance department each presentation will be approximately 20
minutes and will outline the current status of each department as well as
talk about future objectives our schedule will not allow for questions so
please feel free to email mr. Jones and mr. Bali any comments or inquiries that
you may have number 92 what will the subject of the presentation be
number 93 how long will the presentation last
number 94 how were the listeners asked to contact the directors
questions 95 through 97 refer to the following report officer Bradley was
present today at Martin Luther King's secondary school for a presentation on
personal safety the students gathered in the gymnasium to listen to officer
Bradley speech which lasted for an hour and included a slideshow officer Bradley
spoke about traffic safety and how to protect yourself in an emergency
situation afterwards the students were able to ask questions of the police
officer when the question period was over
officer Bradley met with the student council to discuss safety program ideas
to implement into the school program number 95 what did the officer do at
Martin Luther King's secondary school
number 96 how long did the speech last
number 97 what did Bradley discuss with the
student council
questions 98 through 100 refer to the following short talk ladies gentlemen
and honored guests I am thrilled to be standing before you today to discuss the
opening of the new science center for our city this project has been several
years in the making and for some time many of us wondered if it would ever
happen however over the last six months several local businesses have come
forward with grants to make this Science Center possible our first exhibit will
focus on static electricity and the importance of gravity we have hired 50
of the country's leading scientists to provide insight and their expertise to
this project please join me in thanking these 50 scientists who stand before you
today number 98 what is the purpose of the
number 99 what happened in the past six months
number 100 what is the experts profession
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