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(light ambient music) (water bubbling)
- [Man] The free diver to me is a pioneer.
We're all experimenting in something that has not been
the main thrust of humanity until now.
(light ambient music)
My name is Aharon Solomons.
I'm a free dive instructor-trainer from Edah.
I specialize in coaching athletes who want
to do national records or world records.
You've got to kick in your dive reflexes,
breathe up a little bit, uh, breathing,
about as you'd do just before you went to sleep.
Then one big breath, turn over, and go.
From the moment that you leave the surface,
the blood is beginning to leave the peripheries
and migrate towards the so-called noble organs.
Then you start to sink faster and faster.
Once you're free falling, it's pure pleasure.
It's an incredible sensation of restfulness.
You're going down, and the colors change.
You go down from a clear blue hue
to a darker blue, and to a purple twilight.
And then finally into total blackness.
(music stops) And then we have
a rude awakening, we hit the plate,
and then we turn 'round and we have to work
a bit harder coming up, and as you come up,
you're working less hard, because buoyancy is returning,
and then it's like a rebirth,
you're coming back into the light.
The whole process is one of pleasure,
and of terrific sense of adventure and achievement.
Usually changes some switches.
All the things that I thought were impossible,
all the things that I thought
were not achievable by me, are.
If that's achievable, what else isn't achievable?
And that opens a whole Pandora's box.
So it's quite an experience, free diving.
(light ambient music)
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Diving Deep On a Single Breath

181 Folder Collection
許大善 published on September 28, 2019
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