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Age 12
Parents kitchen/living room, family computer
Age 13
Parents basement
Age 14
Santa hat at 0:33 for Xmas 2009
Eyebrow piercing
Age 15
First part-time job
Age 16
Graduating High School
First day of College
Age 17
Age 18
Got my full drivers license (slight smile)
Graduated from John Abbott College
Vacation to Cuba (pics on the beach or resort)
Age 19
Age 20
Moved out (first apartment)
6 months without shaving
Trip to the Maritimes / Met Juliana
Got engaged!
Juli moves in with me in Montreal
Age 21
Moved to Fredericton (new apartment!)
Trip to Cape Breton! (pics on lookouts / while camping)
Married! 30/08/2017
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AGE 12 TO MARRIED I Took A Photo Every Day

1126 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on September 26, 2019
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