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  • Far away, as north as we can go, once stood an enchanted forest.

  • You've seen an enchanted forest?

  • Yes, it was a magical place, but something went wrong.

  • Since then, no one can get in or out.

  • Woah, Papa, that was epic.

  • What would I do without you?

  • You'll always have me.

  • Has Elsa seemed weird to you?

  • She seems like Elsa.

  • There's this voice.

  • Voice? What does that mean?

  • Head for the cliffs!

  • I'm gonna blow!

  • I got you.

  • The kingdom is not safe.

  • Find who is calling to you.

  • They may have answers.

  • I'm going with you.

  • Anna, no.

  • Excuse me, I climbed the North Mountains, survived a frozen heart, and saved you from my ex-boyfriend.

  • So, you know, I'm coming.

  • That's normal.

  • Where are we?

  • How did you get in the forest?

  • The mist parted for us.

  • Impossible!

  • Where did you learn magic?

  • Elsa, get out of there!

  • You can't just follow me into fire.

  • Then don't run into fire!

  • Magic is very alluring.

  • Without you, she may lose herself to it.

  • Protect Arendelle at all costs!

  • I believe in you Elsa, more than anyone, or anything.

  • Quick question, is the whole "putting us in mortal danger" gonna be a regular thing?

Far away, as north as we can go, once stood an enchanted forest.

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