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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is lesson 279. The title of today's lesson is
the difference between in the market for something and on the market. All right.
Let's look at the note here. If someone is in the market for something, he or she
wants to buy it or he or she is eager to have or possess it. So you're in the
market for it. You're looking for it. You're trying to get it. If yes, if
something is on the market, it is available for sale or purchase. We tend
to use this for more expensive things. Yeah. Like somebody is usually in the
market to like buy a house or buy a car or buy a scooter or a boat something like
that, especially something that you would probably put a for sale sign up for. So
somebody even realizes that your want to sell it. Then we say something is on the
market. Yeah good. For sale or purchase, we tend
yeah if someone is on the market. Yeah. So if we say a person is on the market, this
is often used as a joke. He or she is available for a romantic relationship.
Okay. So let's continue. Let's look at number one here. First example. Sally is
in the market for a motor home. She has been wanting to buy one, so her family
could travel to hang out in the countryside. All right. Yeah. So maybe she's
been shopping around looking for one. She's in the market for it. All right.
Let's look at number two. That antique dealer is always in the market for some
unique items. Yeah maybe some you know special antiques, that he thinks his
antique collectors would like to buy. You know try to find something different. So
he's always in the market for some antique items. All Right. Let's take a look
at number three. Tina is planning to put her house on the
market now. If you put something on the market, you let people know that it is
for sale. So this, this is also you know like I said usually larger items. In the
spring. Okay. So of course usually in this case you'd put like a for sale sign on
it to let the customer know that they can buy it.
And number four. Now that Rachel is divorced, she is on the market for a new boyfriend.
Again. This tends to be used , this is a humorous use , it means somebody is now
available you know to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend. They're now on the
market again. You know especially after a divorce. Okay. Anyway, I hope it's clear. I
hope you got it. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.
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English Tutor Nick P Lesson (279) The Difference Between in the Market and on the Market

137 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on September 21, 2019
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