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(pop music)
(crowd cheers)
- Oh my gosh!
- Is it time? - Show's starting!
Show's starting!
- Heidi Montag in the house!
- I don't have that many options for a bachelorette party.
There's like a stripper in a hotel room,
Vegas, I mean it's all just so standard basic.
- Y'all ready to have a good time tonight?
(crowd cheers)
- [Heidi] Drag queens, however, are beyond.
- Before we get this show started,
I kind of wanted to know if anybody's
celebrating some stuff.
Is anybody getting married? (group cheers)
Look at you!
Come on up here.
- Okay.
(women cheer)
- I have a breast bank account.
Why don't you tell everybody who you are?
- My name is Heidi.
(Audience Cheers)
- We gonna have Heidi shake her (beep)
because that's what we do whenever you
celebrating something here.
You ready? You better be ready.
Hit it!
(pop music) (audience cheers)
- [Drag Queen] Uh-oh, uh-oh!
(audience cheers)
- [Drag Queen] Uh-oh, uh-oh!
- Oh yeah!
- I am a self-made twerker.
- [Woman] Go Heidi! Go Heidi!
- I practice in the mirror, practice at home.
You know, gotta keep that booty shaking.
I'm going all the way out tonight!
Woo! Last night out, champagne!
(pop music)
♪ Just pop it, drop it low ♪
♪ You say I'm shawty ♪
♪ You like me ♪
♪ She's just about some money ♪
♪ Just do it like Nike ♪
♪ And watch me drop it low ♪
(Audience Cheers)
- [Heidi] All right guys, I'm gonna have to go.
Thank you guys so much, yeah, I gotta go.
- So will Gunner really be awake when you go home?
- Yeah, he's awake so I gotta go put him to bed.
- Heidi will use Gunner as an excuse
until he's like, fifty years old.
I guarantee it.
Oh, I've gotta feed Gunner
I mean, Gunner literally is the excuse baby.
- I love you.
- I need a Gunner.
- Alright, bye guys.
- Bye, love you! - Bye!
- I'm gonna leave you guys.
I love you.
- Seriously?
- I love you.
- No, thank you for coming tonight.
Okay, love you.
I'll talk to you tomorrow. - Okay.
- We need to go to the bathroom.
- We're going to the bathroom.
- Audrina, can we talk?
- Here we go, like what does she want to say?
♪ It's the start of a war ♪
♪ It's going down ♪
(ominous music)
- Audrina, can we talk?
You're kind of the problem.
- [Audrina] I don't think it's the right time
to talk serious. - It is.
- [Audrina] When there's alcohol in involved.
- It is, because I'm not fake and I can't like,
I've been hugging you and like, talking to you
and like that's.
- You're being fake.
- I need this chance to stand up for myself and to
put Audrina in place
because she's been lying and coming after me
this whole time.
I know what you've been doing.
Start being honest because you've been (beep)
lying to my face for a long time.
- No I haven't. - And I'm done with it.
- I told you what I felt about you.
- You're the reason Brody almost (beep) attacked me.
You wound him up saying that I didn't care
about the Malibu fires.
I'm from Malibu, Audrina!
What is wrong with you?
- I'm just in shock.
She's a loose cannon and beyond unstable.
Oh my God, Stephanie, you're so dramatic.
- Oh I am?
I don't know, you were very dramatic about Justin.
- Justin's not even in the picture anymore.
- Is he not? - We have not.
- So why are you still talking (beep) about me
behind my back?
- I haven't said a word about you recently.
You and Justin, no.
- Oh, Audrina.
- I didn't talk (beep) on you.
- For you to tell Brody that I was staying in Vegas
like she doesn't care.
At dinner obviously, we've been in the car for
five hours going to Vegas.
Like how am I not gonna say
can we please have a fun dinner?
- Who are you right now?
- Stephanie.
- Honestly, Stephanie,
you have so many different personalities.
- You talked (beep) about me.
- That has nothing to do with me, Stephanie.
- It does!
You're the one that wound him up to do it!
Your little victim thing, and all of your exes,
you're disgusting.
- Oh, god. - Hey!
- Stephanie's behavior is extremely hurtful.
Like the things that she's saying really leaves scars.
And it's like,
- So you don't even go there, Stephanie.
Do not go there.
- Welcome to adulthood.
- I'm out of here.
(dramatic music)
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Audrina and Stephanie Meet Again at Heidi’s Bachelorette Party | The Hills: New Beginnings

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 20, 2019
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