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  • That's right. Welcome, welcome to my home now.

  • I can't wait. This is gonna be, a lotta fun.

  • When Jared came, the makeup and hair was the first starting point and that ended up leading the process with him.

  • Beautiful.

  • One interesting thing that happened is, we explored the purple suit a lot.

  • It was decided it was too much with all of the tattoos and the hair and everything.

  • So we, we paired it right down and, really, just to give Jared room to let him play the character and be not overwhelmed with stuff.

  • Imagine designing the props right away.

  • For instance, we were trying to come up with a concept for the Joker.

  • Wow.

  • He's a tactile person. He likes to have the most cutting edge weaponry.

  • This looks neat.

  • The utensils that the Joker has, whether it's his handgun or his razor blade, has jewels or gold inlaid in it because he's that kind of guy.

  • The accoutrements certainly made an impact.

  • Those little things I think helped build the reality.

  • When you dive into these worlds your imagination is just lit on fire.

  • [Joker laughs] [Gun Fires]

  • Everybody gets to sit in the chair.

  • Starting with you.

  • Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, you dirty pervert.

  • Oh my gosh, you people. What are you looking at? Shut up!

  • He was hitting me.

  • Some people just don't know when to die.

  • And you my friend, I have a feeling!

  • Hi, Mom.

That's right. Welcome, welcome to my home now.

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Jared Leto transformation into The Joker | Featurette

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    ayane posted on 2019/09/19
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