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  • A former San Antonio mayor

  • San Antonio is one of the most livable cities

  • in the nation.”

  • with a twin brother, who is also in politics.

  • “I'm one minute older.”

  • Colbert: “One minute older?”

  • He routinely goes around telling people

  • that the way to tell us apart is that

  • I'm a minute uglier than he is.”

  • And he found his footing on the debate stage,

  • but is still lagging in the polls.

  • We need a Marshall Plan for Honduras

  • and Guatemala and El Salvador,

  • so that people can find

  • safety and opportunity at home.”

  • Julián Castro is running for president.

  • So who is he?

  • Castro was born and raised in San Antonio,

  • the grandson of a Mexican immigrant.

  • She ended up working her entire life

  • as a maid, a cook and a babysitter

  • so that my mother could have a better shot in life.”

  • After attending Stanford and Harvard Law,

  • Castro came back to San Antonio

  • and was elected to the City Council when he was 26.

  • He ran for mayor in 2005 and lost.

  • Four years later, he tried again and won.

  • “I thought he was an intern.

  • This guy's a mayor?”

  • San Antonio, Texas.”

  • “I'm messing with you, I know who you are.”

  • One of his priorities as mayor

  • was implementing a full-day pre-K program.

  • If you have a dollar to spend in education,

  • that dollar is best spent early on with young people

  • before they ever get behind in the first place.”

  • In 2012, he was in the national spotlight

  • as the first Latino keynote speaker at the D.N.C.

  • Ours is a nation like no other.

  • A place where great journeys can

  • be made in a single generation, no matter who

  • you are, or where you come from.”

  • President Obama tapped Castro to be his housing secretary,

  • and now he's seeking to return to D.C.

  • So what is his platform?

  • We stand up for immigrants.”

  • Castro's made immigration his cornerstone.

  • He was the first candidate to propose

  • repealing the section of immigration law

  • that criminalizes illegal border crossing.

  • Some of us on this stage have called to end that section,

  • to terminate it.

  • Some, like Congressman O'Rourke, have not

  • and I want to challenge all of the candidates to do that.”

  • And he supports higher minimum wage,

  • rejoining the Paris Climate Accords,

  • gun control and reforming the policing system.

  • So what are his chances?

  • It took a while for Castro to have a breakout moment.

  • You know, I wasn't born a front-runner.

  • I didn't grow up a front-runner.”

  • But then came the debates.

  • And that's when Castro started gaining momentum.

  • What we need are politicians that actually

  • have some guts on this issue.”

  • Moderator: “Thank you, Secretary.

  • Mr. Vice President, please, your response.”

  • But is his debate performance enough?

  • Despite pushing the party on immigration,

  • Castro continues to struggle in the polls

  • and in fund-raising,

  • keeping him near the bottom of the pack.

A former San Antonio mayor

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