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What are you doing?
I'm just making sure.
He has the mark.
What did Tiago do to you?
You already know it, Rhian.
He did to me what he did to you.
He gave me a new identity.
A new form.
Ma, it's Rhian!
Authorities have confirmed there was a skirmish
in the abandoned building.
According to our sources,
Rhian Bonifacio and Franco Segismundo
were seen fighting alongside a group of terrorists
who allegedly kidnapped Sandro Abellanosa,
CEO of BXK Solutions.
At present, the PNP
is now tracking down the criminals.
- Ethan. - Tita.
Were you involved in the encounter?
Did you really see Arabella?
Yes, Tita.
But they managed to escape.
Someone was helping them.
It might be Tito.
We're trying to confirm if it was really him.
If that's the case,
Rhian had already poisoned Papa's mind.
We all know he would do what is right,
but thanks to Rhian,
e's getting himself in trouble.
Where are the other two?
I'm not telling you.
Where are the other two?!
Tell us!
You're not going to talk, huh?
That's enough.
Calm down.
You will never find what you're looking for.
The general's more clever than all of you.
Do you really think he'd tell me where they are?
No matter how hard you try
you'll never be able to defeat him.
- Stop it! - Franco!
That's enough.
No matter how hard you torture me,
you won't get anything from me.
You think you're brave, huh.
Would you really risk your life for Tiago?
I know you were trained to defend Tiago,
but you can't just turn a blind eye
to all the wrong he's been doing forever.
A blind eye?
You're the ones who are blind!
How long has the poor been suffering in our country?
The government has kept abusing their situation all this time,
yet you're not doing anything about it.
You don't care for them at all
because you're not the ones suffering.
Where is all your anger rooted from?
If you think I'm not suffering, then you're wrong.
And it's because of everything Tiago has done to my family.
But, that's not the only thing I'm fighting for.
We want to give justice to all the innocent people
whom Tiago used for his own interests.
We want you to understand that.
Tiago has filled your head with lies.
Some people's lives have to be sacrificed
to make our voices heard.
To make others see the reality they're living in
and to create a society where everyone's equal.
All men were made equal,
but Tiago remains on top.
That's because he keeps holding on to the power he has.
I know Tiago very well.
Nothing else matters to him but his own good.
He betrayed us, who were loyal to him.
He threw us away like we were nothing to him.
What makes you think you're any different from us?
That he won't do the same to you?
the same to you?
Tiago's just using you.
We're doing this for the common good,
unlike Tiago.
- Where are we going - Someone's here!
Shut your mouth!
Why did you bring me here, anyway?
- Just follow me, babe. - It's too dark in there!
- Let's go home. - This won't take long.
- I'm going home - Babe, wait!
Keep your mouth shut or I'll shoot you
They're gone.
We have to make him talk. We're running out of time.
Do you really think he'll turn against Tiago?!
We have to make him realize that Tiago's using him.
He's only one of Tiago's victims.
We can use that fact to our advantage
to make him expose Tiago's plans.
You're taking things too slow. We're running out of time
- Listen to me. - You want him to talk?
- I'll do it myself. - Franco!
I'll make sure he'll tal
- You can't! - Stop it, you two!
That's enough!
You're too slow. We don't have much time.
He's just like you.
- Tiago's just using him, too. - That's enough.
We might have a chance.
I don't care!
We can convince him to join us.
Can't the two of you calm down?!
What if he kills one of us--
- Damn it! - Stop right there!
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Zandro escapes while Rhian argues on how they can counteract Tiago's plans | The General's Daughter

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 18, 2019
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