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While her husband has struggled
to get his approval rating over 40%,
Melania has consistently remained
the country's most popular Trump.
And personally, I love her, too,
because we have so much in common.
We're both immigrants.
Neither of us would be here if it weren't for Donald Trump.
And I'm just gonna put it out there.
We're both style icons. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's right, Melania. This bish stole your look.
(laughter, applause)
Now the reason I've been thinking
about Melania lately is because,
in the wake of Trump's recent immigration crackdown,
I've started to notice something
that's got me really concerned.
I think Donald Trump is trying to deport... Melania.
No. And you might be asking,
"Why would he want to deport his wife?"
I don't know. I don't know.
But things haven't exactly been perfect between them.
First of all, it's no secret
that Melania barely spends any time at the White House.
Secondly, when he tried to hold her hand in public,
she tried to slap it away
like a Slovenian Dikembe Mutombo.
You remember that. And who knows.
It may have even created some tension between them
when Trump allegedly banged a porn star
and paid her to be quiet,
and then, the whole country found out about it.
Anyway, you know, normal relationship issues.
And I know it sounds crazy.
Donald Trump wants to deport his wife?
But... but if you look
at all of Trump's immigration policies, right,
a lot of people think that he just hate immigrants,
but when you put them all together,
you start to notice a pattern.
All of his policies seem to be aimed at his wife.
For example, one of the immigration issues
Trump complains about most is people
who come to the United States the wrong way
and work in the country illegally.
And everyone always assumes that because he's racist,
he's talking about Mexicans.
But I don't think it's a coincidence
that that same complaint could apply to his very own wife.
WOMAN: New questions about Melania Trump's
immigration status when she first came to the U.S.
The Associated Press reporting
she didn't have the proper visa for her modeling work.
I came here on visa.
I flew to Slovenia every few months
to stamp it and came back.
WOMAN: Trump insists she got her visa stamped every few months.
If that's accurate, it would mean she had a type of visa,
possibly a tourist visa,
that needs to be updated periodically.
But that type of visa does not allow
working in the United States.
MAN: When this controversy first bubbled up,
the Trump campaign promised
that Melania would have a press conference to clear it all up.
WOMAN: That press conference never happened.
That's right. Melania's staff promised
that she would hold a press conference
to clear up her questionable immigration history,
and then it never happened.
Now, to be fair, it's only been three years
since that promise was made, okay?
And you guys don't even know how hard it is
to throw together a press conference in three years.
Like, you-you have to get a podium,
and-and, like, that's pretty much it.
-But still... but still... -(laughter)
it seems a little convenient...
that Trump would bring up the whole "legal work" thing
when he knows his own wife has a shady visa history.
And clearly, when that failed,
Donald tried to switch things up,
because then he started complaining about how,
(like Trump): lots of foreigners are taking advantage
of America's immigration system...
(normal voice): by claiming that they were special
when in fact they were not.
Now, again, people assume Trump was talking
about Indian computer programmers in Silicon Valley,
but if you follow the clues,
you'll realize this guy was actually slamming his wife. 00:03:31.477 --> 00:03:33.846 line:0% The Washington Post reports that questions linger 00:03:33.879 --> 00:03:37.750 line:0% about how Melania Trump scored the so-called "Einstein visa" 00:03:37.783 --> 00:03:40.586 line:0% to enter the United States when she was a model. 00:03:40.619 --> 00:03:42.922 line:0% In 2001, she was granted a green card 00:03:42.955 --> 00:03:45.691 line:0% in the elite EB1 program. 00:03:45.724 --> 00:03:48.127 line:0% It's designed for academic researchers 00:03:48.160 --> 00:03:50.930 line:0% or people in other fields such as Olympic athletes 00:03:50.963 --> 00:03:53.132 line:0% and Oscar-winning actors. 00:03:53.165 --> 00:03:54.734 line:0% NEWSWOMAN: ...granted to people who demonstrate 00:03:54.767 --> 00:03:57.403 line:0% sustained national and international acclaim, 00:03:57.436 --> 00:03:59.672 line:0% and it's usually in the fields of arts, 00:03:59.705 --> 00:04:01.941 line:0% business or in academic research. 00:04:01.974 --> 00:04:05.811 line:0% Now, only 3,376 EB1 green cards 00:04:05.844 --> 00:04:07.413 line:0% were issued that year. 00:04:07.446 --> 00:04:10.583 line:0% Five went to people from Slovenia.
Yeah, that's right. Melania got a green card
through the Einstein Visa Program,
which seems strange-- although I guess if you spend enough time
standing next to Donald, anyone starts to look like Einstein.
Well, almost anyone.
-And you know... -(laughter)
you know, guys...
the more you look at it, the more it seems
like Donald Trump is trying to deport his wife.
Because who can forget
one of his biggest anti-immigration crusades--
(like Trump): chain migration. 00:04:39.645 --> 00:04:42.181 line:0% NEWSMAN: The president wants to reform the visa lottery system 00:04:42.214 --> 00:04:44.950 line:0% and end so-called chain migration. 00:04:44.983 --> 00:04:46.852 line:0% Then you have chain migration. 00:04:46.885 --> 00:04:49.155 line:0% -(jeering) -Chain migration. 00:04:49.188 --> 00:04:50.890 line:0% Chain migration-- you come in, 00:04:50.923 --> 00:04:53.492 line:0% and you bring your whole damn family... 00:04:53.525 --> 00:04:56.462 line:0% A guy comes in, and then you have to bring... 00:04:56.495 --> 00:04:59.598 line:0% his aunt, his uncle, his father, his grandfather, 00:04:59.631 --> 00:05:01.233 line:0% his grandparents. 00:05:01.266 --> 00:05:03.769 line:0% A single immigrant can bring in 00:05:03.802 --> 00:05:05.938 line:0% virtually unlimited numbers 00:05:05.971 --> 00:05:08.341 line:0% of distant relatives.
Yes, one of the things Donald Trump hates most
about America's immigration policy
is that immigrants' families can come live with them in the U.S.
Now, even though Donald Trump says that,
I want my family back home watching the show
to know that this is not true, okay?
You cannot bring unlimited relatives to America.
-(whooping, applause) -Do you guys hear me?
(speaks foreign language)
In fact...
the law even says that you guys can't crash on my couch,
and I'm actually not even in town that weekend.
That's what the law says... Uncle Mongmong.
Now, it was really slick for Trump
to make it seem like this thing was about...
(like Trump): uncles and aunts and cousins,
(normal voice): but clearly, there was someone
that he was actually aiming at all along. 00:05:53.118 --> 00:05:54.553 line:0% NEWSWOMAN: President Trump's in-laws 00:05:54.586 --> 00:05:57.089 line:0% slipping in and out of a Manhattan federal building 00:05:57.122 --> 00:05:59.725 line:0% where they took the oath of U.S. citizenship. 00:05:59.758 --> 00:06:02.661 line:0% Sources tell ABC News that First Lady Melania Trump 00:06:02.694 --> 00:06:04.997 line:0% sponsored her Slovenian-born parents, 00:06:05.030 --> 00:06:06.999 line:0% Viktor and Amalija Knavs, 00:06:07.032 --> 00:06:09.068 line:0% taking advantage of the same policy 00:06:09.101 --> 00:06:12.271 line:0% President Trump has denigrated as "chain migration" 00:06:12.304 --> 00:06:13.806 line:0% and vowed to end.
That's right. Melania Trump helped her parents
chain-migrate to the U.S.
So that's what Donald Trump was trying to stop.
He was trying to... trying to turn his in-laws into outlaws.
-(laughter) -Yeah.
Which is super hard-core.
And as if this wasn't enough evidence
that Donald Trump is trying to deport his wife,
then how do you explain the new policy
his administration announced this week? Huh?
They came out saying that immigrants
who receive assistance from the government
may not be allowed to stay in the United States.
Well, guess who lives in a free house
provided by the United States?
-(laughter) -Melania mother-(bleep) Trump!
-(cheering) -Donald...
I see what you're doing, Donald.
I see what you're doing, and I'm not gonna let it happen.
In fact, we're not gonna let this thing happen.
Daily Show fans, join me now. 00:07:00.786 --> 00:07:02.388 line:0% Help me get the word out by tweeting 00:07:02.421 --> 00:07:05.791 line:0% #dontdeportmelania. 00:07:05.824 --> 00:07:08.761 line:0% Because if this great immigrant is forced to leave this country, 00:07:08.794 --> 00:07:12.298 line:0% then the United States can never truly be best.
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Is Donald Trump Trying to Deport Melania? | The Daily Show

42 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 18, 2019
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