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-Climate change is one of the biggest issues
facing our country today,
yet people still deny its existence.
Well, we here at "Late Night" think that seeing is believing,
which is why we have developed, at a great cost,
a virtual-reality environment
that simulates the dangers of extreme weather.
And here to walk us through it is our resident meteorologist
Chip Friedland, everyone.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Hey. -Hey.
-Thanks for joining me, Seth.
-Wow, this is really cool, man.
-Hey, let's take a look at our first virtual environment.
-Alright. Oh, wow. Wow.
This is amazing. -Yeah.
So, this is a beautiful, picturesque town
that, unfortunately, lies in the floodplain.
So, what would happen during a storm surge?
-Oh, wow. -Yeah.
An average hurricane can produce a storm surge
of 1 to 3 feet,
but the storms we've seen lately
can bring a surge between 6 to 10 feet.
-Wow, that is terrifying. -Yeah.
-Oh, my God, my house! [ Laughter ]
-And -- And I'm sorry, Chip. Who is that?
-We animate people into our simulations
to make them as realistic as possible.
-Okay. [ Light laughter ]
-Now, watch what happens when that storm surge rises.
-Oh, wow. [ Horn honks ]
-My car! Oh, no! [ Laughter ]
I've had that car since college!
I took Sheila on our first date in that car.
-Okay. So, wow, these are really, like, specific details.
[ Laughter ] -Oh, Sheila.
The longtime love of my life and the one that got away!
I haven't loved since. -And I'm sorry.
Is there a reason he has such a thorough backstory?
[ Light laughter ]
-It's virtual reality, Seth. -Okay.
-Anyway, let's take a look at another scenario.
-Great. Sounds exciting.
-Alright. Here we are.
A lush, idyllic forest full of life.
Unfortunately, all these trees and dry vegetation
increase fire danger.
A simple spark like that
can start an enormous and destructive forest fire.
-Wow, so a forest fire can start that quickly?
-Sadly, it's true in an environment like this.
-Wow. -Yeah.
-Oh, my God! My house!
-So, that sounds like the same guy from the flood.
[ Laughter ] -And only a year
after my old house washed away in a flood!
[ Laughter ] I bought this one specifically
because it was above the floodplain.
-Okay. So it's definitely the same guy.
-I'm going to go in there and save my stuff.
Aw, who am I kidding?
I'm such a coward. [ Laughter ]
I guess that's why Sheila left me.
[ Laughter ]
-So, this all seems very Sheila-heavy.
-I've never had the guts to protect what's mine.
I should have gone on that trip
to the Catskills with her and her friends.
That's where she met that barista, Bryan.
I pushed her away.
And into his arms! [ Laughter ]
-So, we gave you a lot of money to build this simulation,
and I don't think it's about climate change at all.
-It always is and always has been about climate change, Seth.
To illustrate that, let's go back in time,
to 79 A.D. in the city of Pompeii,
just moments before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
[ Bell tolling ] -Interesting.
So you're saying Pompeii was also an example
of a climate disaster. I'm very exci--
-Whew! -Oh, really?
-I'm so glad to be going to my new home
at the Cape of Mount Vesuvius.
-Uh-huh. -And just a year after
I lost my two houses... -What? a flood and a fire, respectively.
-Wait. Two years -- what's the timeline here?
-Natural disasters can strike at any time, Seth.
-Yeah, but still, this is in the past...
-Whoa, wait, what's going on? -...and that happened...
[ Rumbling ]
-Oh, my God! -Yeah.
-My house!
[ Chiming ]
-Wait. He has a phone? [ Laughter ]
-Ohh! And according to Instagram,
Sheila and Bryan just moved in together and got a dog,
so it must be pretty serious.
-Alright, Chip. I need you to admit
this was a gigantic waste of time and money.
-The only thing we're wasting
are the planet's precious resources in places like this.
-Oh, another one? Great. -Mm-hmm.
-A tropical paradise in the Marquesas Islands.
-Uh-huh. -Now, what would you expect
to see on a remote island like this?
-I got to be honest --
I'm expecting to see that dude again, Chip.
[ Laughter ] -Gosh, just what I needed...
-Yeah, there he is. Alright. Great.
-...a relaxing day after a rough 3 1/4 years.
-3 1/4? Alright, look. You know what?
At least I'm happy the guy got a happy ending.
-Yeah. -Pat, is that you?
-Oh, my God. -Sheila?
[ Light laughter ] Oh, my gosh.
What are you doing here?
-I'm on vacation.
It's good to see you. -Yeah. Definitely.
So, how are things with Bryan?
-We split up, actually. -Wow.
I had no idea. I'm sorry.
-It's okay.
It was for the best.
-Oh. [ Laughter ]
Well, you know, it's funny --
I've -- I've done a lot of thinking
and I just wanted to say, I miss you.
-Hey, babe. Guy says the Jet Skis are ready.
[ Audience oohs ] -Oh, Pat. This is Tyler.
-What? This is Pat? The Pat?
[ Chuckling ] Oh, man.
Heard about those houses.
Rough break, bro.
And you were in Pompeii, too?
Hey, what's the timeline there? [ Light laughter ]
-Leave him alone, Tyler. -[ Chuckles ] Sorry. guys are dating.
-Actually, we just got engaged.
-[ Chuckles ]
-Wow. That's great.
Engaged. [ Chuckles ]
Anyway, the guy said the Jet Skis are ready, so...
-Race you there, slowpoke.
-[ Laughs ] You're such an ass...
[ Laughter ]
-See, Seth, climate change ruined that man's life.
-You're an ass... [ Light laughter ]
And at least it can't get any worse for that dude.
-[ Sighs ] Wait for it. -Wait for what?
Oh, come on.
-Whoa! [ Laughter ]
-I really feel like you wasted our time today.
-Well, I really feel like you sound like my ex, Sheila.
-Oh, there it is! -There it is! There it is!
-We'll be right back with more "Late Night."
There it is. [ Cheers and applause ]
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Seth Experiences the Effect of Climate Change in Virtual Reality

34 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 18, 2019
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