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Off the springboard into the cover. 2
And a quick kick-out. 3
I mean there's gonna be a. 4
Before I get to that, and, did you see, Lince looked at Humberto Carrillo instead, 5
he made the tag at Kalisto. 6
>> Lince Dorado clearly driving a point home to one Humberto Carrillo, 7
showing you, this is our match, this is our [CROSSTALK] 8
>> Another tag made and 9
Sunil Singh is in the wrong part of town. 10
And wait a minute, I think Humberto Carrilo tagged Lince Dorado. 11
>> I think you're right, Vick. 12
>> And look at Lucha House Party. 13
>> Stealing the body with boy stuff yet again. 14
>> Crashing down, and now Lince follows up, and 15
again Humberto Carrillo is legal and, guys, I may have been wrong, cover. 16
>> Evidently you were, official not allowing the pinfall because, yeah. 17
>> Must not have seen it but we saw on camera there. 18
>> Callisto must've been- >> [NOISE] And, 19
that's allowing Sunil Singh to- >> [NOISE] 20
>> Try to chop down Kalisto. 21
>> El Dorado and Carrillo in the corner. 22
It will be interesting to see how they coexist after their match last week. 23
>> And now, Kalisto showcasing his, >> Samir cost him a foot for 24
his trouble, and now Kalisto. 25
>> No, wow. 26
Beautiful offense. 27
>> Look at Kalisto he'll want to get rid off both Samir and 28
Sunil, and now Kalisto a long way away from his corner. 29
Lince Dorado, Humberto Carilllo. 30
>> [CROSSTALK] between him- >> Reaching out and 31
now Lince got ripped out at the last moment. 32
In the hot tub, remember the Lucha House Party walked away. 33
Kalisto has to tag in Carrillo. 34
And here comes Carrillo who takes down two for one. 35
Trying to turn things around on Sunil is Humberto Carrillo. 36
>> The Latin Lion lit ablaze right here, taking it, boom. 37
>> You know, Carrillo's still feeling the effects and wanting to 38
showcase what he can do after that double count out against Lince Dorado. 39
Moon saw, cover, count, and, Daivari at the last moment able to break things up. 40
>> Hey get out of the way, let's go. 41
>> Here comes Kalisto. 42
>> Kalisto looking for the Solina del Sol, center of the ring. 43
Things starting to break down in this six-man Tag Team match-up, and 44
a double super kick. 45
And there comes Lince Dorado. 46
And now. 47
>> A pair of kicks from the Luchas themselves 48
>> And Dorado and 49
Carrillo working together for at least a moment. 50
And, Lince and Humberto Carrillo go to the air
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6-Man Tag Team Match: WWE 205 Live, Aug. 13, 2019

37 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 18, 2019
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