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- When this came out the first time,
I was so upset. (chuckles) - You're like,
"This is where it's going? This is where it's heading?"
- This is good. I haven't heard this one either.
I'm so excited to listen to all of this fully.
♪ (industrial music) ♪
- (FBE) Today we're gonna be playing you selections
of every song from Taylor Swift's new album, Reputation.
- Yes! Okay, I'm so excited. - I don't really like Taylor Swift,
so this should be fun. - (both chuckling)
- I was a Taylor Swift fan when I was younger,
but I don't know if I vibe with her new stuff.
- All the promotional stuff she's been putting on her Instagram,
it's dark, and it's real, and it's about her mistakes.
And I'm just excited to see the drama.
♪ (thumping bass) ♪ - Man, I feel like every artist now
is using the deepest possible bass.
- ♪ Knew he was a killer... ♪ - Oh, yeah!
This is the one that I like. - I've heard this one, actually,
but I didn't know it was her. - This is dope.
- ♪ I-I see how this gon' go ♪
♪ Touch me and you'll never be alone ♪
- I really like the beat, it's just not something
I'd listen to all the time. - ♪ I know I'm gonna be with you ♪
♪ So I take my time ♪ ♪ Are you ready for it ♪
- I love that song. - That's a banger for sure.
Definitely setting the tone for the album.
- When you say Taylor Swift, I associate her with fairytale,
acoustic songs about having a crush,
but this song gives me kind of a hard vibe.
- ♪ Ooh, you and me, we got big reputations ♪
♪ Aah, and you heard about me ♪
- Well, this is definitely different. (chuckles)
- (Future) ♪ You so dope... ♪ - Oh, there's a rapper
in a Taylor Swift song. - Wow. I would've never expected
Future and Taylor Swift to be on the same song together.
- ♪ I wanna be your end game, end game ♪
- (Ed Sheeran) ♪ Now well, when I was young ♪
- Is that Ed Sheeran?
- (Ed Sheeran) ♪ ...when I was young ♪
- Who is this? (laughs) - He has a good voice.
- (gasps) It's Ed Sheeran! - (both laugh)
- Oh my god!
- (Ed Sheeran) ♪ The truth is, it's easier to ignore it,
believe me ♪ - I like that one.
She's trying to go all out and change up what she sounds like.
- If you're an artist and you're a fan of someone,
and you see that they're talented, you definitely wanna work with them.
Future's been super hot for the last year or two years,
and Ed Sheeran is also super popular right now.
I think it was just a good business move
as far as attracting a different listener.
- ♪ They say I did something bad ♪ ♪ Then why's it feel so good? ♪
- Oh! Okay. - I haven't heard this one yet.
- ♪ Why's it feel so good? ♪ - I kind of like it.
- ♪ And I'd do it over and over and over again if I could ♪
- Wow, she's really bringing out her bad girl side.
- This album is almost cathartic for her.
And to purge all this bullshit from the media that she's received
over the past years, I think it's like a way for her to heal.
- ♪ For you, I would... ♪ - Ooh.
- Oh, I really like this one.
- This sounds just like Lana Del Ray.
- ♪ I would lose my mind ♪
♪ They say, "She's gone too far this time" ♪
♪ Don't blame me, your love made me crazy ♪
- A little, like, future base, a little EDM sound.
- ♪ drug is my baby ♪
♪ I'll be using for the rest of my life ♪
- Not really a fan of that one.
It kind of sounds like she was trying to go for something
that she wasn't even comfortable with.
- I can barely even pay attention
to what the song's trying to be about.
Don't add this trap, techno shit to it.
- ♪ Dive bar on the East Side, where you at? ♪
- The beat's really smooth.
- This sounds more like her other stuff, her older stuff.
- ♪ Isn't it? Isn't it? Isn't it? ♪
♪ Isn't it delicate? ♪ - Okay, that was good.
I'll give her that one. - For any artist coming out
with a whole new style, it's very bold.
And a lot of artists aren't willing to make that jump,
but because she's brave enough to do it,
you know, that's-- there's something really admirable in that.
- ♪ I... ♪ - Yeah.
- When this came out the first time, I was so upset.
- You were like, "This is where it's going?"
"This is where it's heading?"
- This is the worst song I've ever heard in my whole life.
- There's so many memes of this. - I actually like this song a lot.
- (Taylor) I'm sorry, the old Taylor...
- This part kills me.
- (Taylor) Why? Oh.
- (giggles) - (Taylor) 'Cause she's dead.
- This is so funny, oh my gosh.
- Based on the sound of this, it's like she's trying to sound
like the next sex icon, pop idol. - A lot of her music on this album
seems to be a little bit darker. - (singing along) ♪ Look what
you just made me do ♪ ♪ Look what you just made me do ♪
- I knew she was coming out with something different,
but then it was really intense, and talking about how she was dead,
and I think that kind of her introduction, like,
the old bubblegum Taylor Swift, she's not here anymore.
Look at my new hardcore stuff. - Her first album, she made that
when she was, you know, under 20. And now she's an adult woman.
For people that hate on artists for creating a new sound,
that's-- shame on them.
- ♪ ...we break down a little ♪
- It's very, like-- - There's very little difference
in these things. You could literally put the whole CD together
and it'd be this one song. - I forgot how many songs
we've listened to. - ♪ ...our pieces fall ♪
- Now it's like she's trying to sound like Lorde.
- This sounds like Lana too, but this sounds good.
I like this one.
- Very epic.
- Anything where everything blends together, the voices
and this music... amazing.
- ♪ You know I'm not a bad girl, but I ♪
♪ Do bad things with you ♪ - That's a song
that I would listen to, and I wouldn't immediately
think it was Taylor Swift. - She's obviously trying to change
the way that people view her, but I just hate when stars do that,
because it's like, you created your image,
and now you're angry about it? - ♪ Whiskey on ice,
Sunset and Vine ♪ - Oh yeah. I heard this one.
- ♪ ...ruined my life
by not being mine ♪
♪ You're so gorgeous ♪ - Mm. (chuckles) This one's fun.
- (mouthing) ♪ I can't say anything to your face ♪
I love this song.
- ♪ And I'm so curious ♪ - See, this sounds more
like Taylor Swift. - This is definitely
a little bit older school Taylor Swift.
- ♪ ...can I say? ♪ ♪ You're gorgeous ♪
- (groans) That's what I'm talking about!
The actual music aspect of it, it's wonderful.
- If you start 'em off with the new stuff,
you're like here's a taste of a new direction
and new sound that I wanna start messing around with,
but then for all my diehard fans, second part of the album,
here's the music that you love and became a fan of me for.
So she's kind of giving both sides.
- ♪ You were drivin' the getaway car ♪
- It's completely different.
It's a 180, all the way around. - Weird.
- ♪ Don't pretend it's such a mystery ♪
♪ Think about the place where you first met me ♪
- Aww. - See I could definitely
see myself jamming-- She likes it! She likes it!
- Oh yeah. This one for sure sounds like her old music.
- Yeah. See, that just made me all, like, "Aww."
I feel like old Taylor's back in that song. (laughs)
- It feels more complete, I feel like.
I feel like if it just had all those aggressive songs,
it just would feel kind of one-dimensional.
- ♪ We met a few weeks ago ♪ - Ooh, I like this one.
I like the snaps. Ooh.
- ♪ trying on clothes ♪
♪ Salute to me, I'm your American queen ♪
- This fits Lorde more than it does Taylor Swift.
- ♪ You are the one I have been waiting for ♪
♪ King of my heart, body and soul ♪
- I love how her lyrics always tell stories.
- It's really important as an artist to always be creative and exploring
different avenues as far as sounds go.
- ♪ I, I loved you in spite of ♪
♪ Deep fears that the world would divide us ♪
- (chuckles) I like the first ones better.
- ♪ But we were dancing ♪ - Okay, Taylor.
All right. I'm impressed.
- ♪ Like it was the first time, first time ♪
- Hmm. Wow. I think that was my favorite one.
It has a really cool electronic beat.
- ♪ All of this silence and patience, pining and desperately waiting ♪
♪ My hands are shaking ♪ - I like the little echoes.
Those are cool. - ♪ Ha, ha, ha ♪
- It's catchy.
- ♪ Say my name and... ♪ - Oh yeah, this is good.
I haven't heard this one either. I'm so excited to listen
to all of this fully. - ♪ Only bought this dress
so you could take it off ♪ - (chuckles)
- What? Taylor Swift talking about taking off dresses and stuff?
Excuse me? - With this whole new album,
she wants to target to more of an adult demographic,
so she's just kind of maybe switching gears,
because she wants to expand listeners.
- She started her career whens he was 15,
and now she's in her mid, late-20s,
so I think it's okay to show a different side of her,
and be like, yeah, this is a reality
of what happens when you like somebody.
- ♪ It was so nice being friends again ♪
- I like this.
- ♪ But you stabbed me in the back ♪
- Oh no. Another hate song.
It's like "Bad Blood," but different.
- ♪ But I'm not the only friend you've lost lately ♪
- (Taylor) Mm-mm. - (chuckles) Mm-mm.
- ♪ shady ♪ - Oh.
- ♪ ...why we can't have nice things ♪
- Do we know who this track's about?
- This is fun.
- ♪ Because you break them ♪ ♪ I had to take them away ♪
- Yeah, those lyrics kind of sound crazy,
but I like the beat, though. - I bet that's a Kanye song.
It was a messed up thing that he did.
He went up there and told her
that somebody else deserved an award.
I don't know, I'd be pretty bitter.
- ♪ All the liars are calling me one ♪
- I've heard this one.
- ♪ ...heard from me for months♪
- It definitely sounds like her, like 1989.
- ♪ 'Cause my baby's fit like a daydream ♪
♪ Walking with his head down ♪ ♪ I'm the one he's walking to ♪
- I'm slowly more and more listening to these lyrics.
- ♪ But would you run away with me? ♪
- That kind of sounded like her old stuff too.
I feel like when she talks about something that happened
in a specific month, that's a classic Taylor line.
- ♪ Don't read the last page ♪
♪ But I stay, when you're... ♪ - This one's good.
It's more the focus on her voice
instead of big instrumentals in the back.
- ♪ ...I'll be cleaning up bottles with you ♪
- This is a really good song. It's making me emotional.
- ♪ Please don't ever become a stranger ♪
♪ Whose laugh... ♪ - (gasps)
- ♪ ...I could recognize ♪ ♪ I will hold on to you ♪
- I like that one. Amidst all of the change
and stuff that she's doing with this album,
it kind of goes back to when we first started with her,
essentially how she sounded pure. - It's interesting that it started
with such an intense in-your-face song,
and that one was very soft and kind of nostalgic.
It's really interesting to watch
how it's in a specific order for a reason.
- It felt like a really good book end,
ends on a triumphant, peaceful note.
- It's definitely very different throughout the whole CD.
For someone who doesn't like Taylor Swift,
who will literally, you know, say it to anybody
that doesn't like Taylor Swift, I didn't like it.
- Production's really good. I like that she had a few features,
'cause overall, a really solid body of work.
- I definitely like it more and have higher hopes
after listening to the whole thing, because at first, I just heard
"Look What You Made Me Do," and one or two others,
and I was like, "No, Taylor! You've gone off the deep end!"
But the rest of the album is actually really good.
- Thanks for watching this episode of College Kids React.
Shout-out to Abby Pickett for watching last week.
- Do you want a shout-out like Emily's Show?
Leave a comment and you might just get one.
- Hit the like button if you like this episode.
- And shout-out to TheSonicFan1. - Hey, guys.
JC here, producer at FBE. Thanks so much for watching
this episode of College Kids React. Do you like Taylor Swift?
Let us know down in the comments
and you might be featured on the show.
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803 Folder Collection
廖芷晴 published on September 17, 2019
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