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Narrator: Finding your perfect shade is a test
for anyone who wears makeup,
and that task is even harder for people of color,
but there's a brand that's trying to make it easier for us.
Since Mented Cosmetics launched in 2017,
their mission has been pretty simple:
Make it easier for women of color
to find their perfect shade.
We're trying out their foundation, eyeshadow,
and nude lipsticks to see if we should swap out
the products we normally use for Mented's line.
- OK, first of all, this is the perfect freaking shade.
Narrator: Black American buyers spend about
$1.1 billion per year on beauty products.
But despite our buying power,
finding the right shade as a woman of color
is still a huge problem.
- As a woman of color, I think it's really hard
finding makeup for myself.
I could never find the right nude lipstick
because I feel like it always makes me look too washed out.
- My biggest challenge is
finding a way to match the different
complexions I have on my face,
making sure that my foundation matches my neck and my chest.
- I'm between two shades,
which means I have to purchase two foundations
and then do some sort of science experiment
to try to find the perfect match.
Narrator: That's because making
the perfect shade really is a science,
a science that even the biggest cosmetic labs
have had trouble mastering. Here's why.
Most shades are mixed with white,
yellow, red, and black pigments,
but when making darker shades,
chemists tend to mix too much of the black pigment.
This results in limited undertones,
which can make brown skin look bruised or washed out.
To alleviate this problem,
Mented Cosmetics is focusing
specifically on brown skin tones.
- If I sort of look at a distance, you can see
this one just has a touch more red,
which I think makes it vibrant.
- Mented is a pigment-first beauty brand
celebrating women of all hues and
focusing on women of color.
- I remember our early struggles
with trying to find the perfect nude lipstick.
It was always about feeling othered and left out,
and we were just constantly disappointed...
- Yeah.
- With all of the products
that made us feel ashy or chalky.
KJ: On our site, we have a shade finder
that's going to show you every
single lipstick on many, many different skin tones.
Our customer-service team gets emails
every day from women
literally sending photos of themselves
and being like, "Which one should I wear?"
And we answer every single one.
Narrator: We headed to Mented's headquarters
in New York city to see if their makeup
lives up to the hype.
- OK, guys, so we made it to Harlem.
We're right in front of Mented's headquarters,
about to hopefully find our perfect shade.
Alana: Do you think they'll find it?
Doyinsola: I think so.
After seeing Jackie find her perfect match,
I'm hopeful.
- Look at that, like, it's my skin.
- Hopefully that will be us.
- Let's do it!
Alana: All right, let's go!
Narrator: We decided to go for a neutral,
office-friendly look.
Up first: the foundation.
- As a person of color, your face
and your neck is going to be completely
different colors, so you have to
find a way to balance those tones.
So I like to start with a swatch on the side
of the face, so I'm going to be using shade M-40.
Narrator: Mented has 16 foundation shades
ranging from light, tan, medium, and deep.
Up next: eyeshadow.
The palette has nine warm, neutral shades
made with vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.
- So I keep reading brown skin tones shouldn't wear, like,
lighter eyeshadows.
Is that true, or?
- I feel like you can wear whatever
shadow you want to, and honestly, I feel like
deeper-complected women look great in brighter eyeshadows.
Narrator: And finally, the perfect nude lip.
- So I always have a difficult time
finding nude shades for my lips.
Do you have any tips for, like, choosing
the right nude lip color?
- When picking a nude lip color,
you don't really want to go too light or too dark,
so I like to treat the lips how I treat blush.
Blush is usually a color that you will
naturally get if you were to pinch your cheeks.
If you were to pinch your lip,
what color would that be?
- Oh, my God, wow!
This is like the perfect freaking shade.
- It looks very dewy.
I'm sure as I wear it throughout the day,
I won't be worried about it drying out.
- I normally don't wear eyeshadow,
but I think, like, this is something
that I would wear for, like, to go to work.
Narrator: With brands like Fenty,
Pat McGrath, and Shea Moisture,
Mented isn't alone in creating beauty
products that cater to diverse consumers,
but despite their work, the cosmetics
industry as a whole still has a long way to go.
- I think for a lot of brands, what they've gotten
wrong in the past is this assumption that beauty
should be one-size-fits-all, and what we think
we're doing right is starting with her
pigment and saying, "This is a product that's going
to work specifically for you."
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We Tested Mented Cosmetics' Makeup For Women Of Color

167 Folder Collection
邱于嘉 published on September 17, 2019
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