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Hey guys! My name is Tim Schmoyer
from the YouTube channel Video Creators
where we are all about helping you grow your YouTube audience
so you can spread a message that reaches people
and changes their lives.
And I'm here at VidCon today
to give you three quick tips that'll help you grow your channel.
Tip #1 is to make sure you pay attention to your traffic sources.
I like seeing where people are coming from to find my videos
and I want to know, where's my most valuable viewer coming from?
And so if it's coming from suggested
I want to know which videos are suggesting traffic
sending people to my video
so I can get better ideas of maybe other types of content
that my audience might be interested in.
The second thing I pay attention to is real-time analytics
because I want to see if an older video on my channel starts to pop
and really starts to get momentum
I want to be able to quickly make a part two or a follow-up to that video
so that the new people who are finding my channel on that older video
have a next natural video that they want to watch
to further increase watch time and the viewing session on my channel
and really get them pulled in to what my content's all about.
The third thing to really pay attention to in my analytics
is the graph that goes from impressions to click-through rate to watch time.
And what that helps me understand is
if there's a decent amount of impressions and click-throughs
but the watch time's really low
then I think, "maybe my title and thumbnail are not setting an accurate representation
"and not pitching this to what my content's about."
So, maybe I can make a more accurate title and thumbnail
that sets a more accurate expectation
so when they click and watch, they actually stay and watch the full video.
If you want more amazing tips on how to grow your channel
subscribe right here to the YouTube Creators' channel.
Also, you can check out my channel, at
for more tips and advice on these ideas as well.
See you there.
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Tim Schmoyer - Quick Tips from VidCon

141 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 17, 2019
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