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Hey, I'm Paul Begue, AST systems designer.
What you just saw was a three month old shrimp in...
the FIT 600. We call this the F4 600. So we have...
3000 shrimp in a 600 gallon,
what we call 'filter-in-tank' system.
Let's go over some of the features of the entire system.
And I'd like for you to refer to other videos on the FITs for kind of how they operate
Since I won't be able to get to the backside of the filter for this video.
What we have is the fish tank here- 600 gallons. This middle area right here
This is the filter
and then on the far side is our sludge basin.
So what we see on this front side of the system is our
Return water, which is clear water coming up through the beads over the screen coming downward here.
This is where we inject our air for our airlift return...
Into the tank. Okay, remember that all the positives that we get from airlifting: that's circulation,
aeration, and degassing.
Okay, so
This water then circulates around and on the far side is where the water is
Leaving the tank...
To be gravity fed to the filter. Alright, so all this is run off of
an air pump: all the circulation and
A second smaller air pump is running the backwash of the filter, which happens automatically, air driven.
So let's look at the shrimp alright, so if you want to come in. Let's see what our shrimp look like right now.
Quite a few shrimp in there.
We're about I would say a month. Maybe a little more away from harvest time...
as the water
Here in New Orleans heats up a little bit.
These shrimp, uh..
white shrimp, are gonna be eating more and more and
Getting bigger and bigger very, very quickly. So we'll have a couple more videos on when they get a little bit bigger.
But this entire system
All we do is add salt ( to make up for sludge purge losses) and feed
And then watch these shrimp grow.
So it's a lot of fun and very simple to operate.
So stay tuned for more videos on this particular system, the shrimp production system, to come. Thanks so much!
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Raising Whiteleg Shrimp RAS in a FIT System

39 Folder Collection
吳澤育 published on September 16, 2019
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