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NARRATOR: The spotted coat, the light
and shadows of the foliage, and the high art of stalking
all work together to ensure that the jaguar is
barely detectable by its prey.
Jaguars are excellent climbers.
But the skill of the feline predator
is no match for the monkey's agility.
[music playing]
[bird calls]
The mere presence of a jaguar puts everyone on high alert.
And though the big cat rarely bothers with small prey,
nobody wants to bet their life on it.
[splashing water]
Under protection of the dense vegetation,
the jaguar passes practically unnoticed.
Even in the bright sun, along the overgrown riverbank,
it spots don't let the big cat down.
This caiman, a ferocious killer himself,
never saw the hunter coming.
The jaguar uses its strong jaws to crush its head,
and then looks for a tranquil place to enjoy its meal.
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Licking Up a Lizard Lunch | Animal All-Stars

60 Folder Collection
吳澤育 published on September 16, 2019
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