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Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I thought I would share with you guys some
of the tips and advice I wish I had gotten when I was looking for a job in Japan
I'm not going to be focusing on English teaching jobs or part time jobs I'm going to be focusing on
how to get a job in a Japanese company or a foreign company in Japan
and I know a lot of you guys out there want to come and live in Japan
and I just want to say it's not that hard if you guys put your heart and your mind to it
you guys can do it!
so I really do hope this video helps you guys
kind of get a gist of how to get a job in Japan
and hopefully you guys can get the job! :)
Just before I tell you guys how to get a job in Japan
I just wanted to tell you guys a little bit of a background story about me and how I found my job in Japan
I did it with the Japanese people like a normal Japanese student would
Basically why I wanted to do that was
because if I am already coming to Japan
I really wanted to experience the whole culture
and I really wanted to see how Japanese work
I didn't want to just read it online
about the crazy overtime and about the crazy bosses
I wanted to experience that first-hand by myself
Some of you out there are probably thinking this girl is crazy
But I mean if you can work in Japan, I think you can work anywhere!
I will be breaking down this video into four parts
The first one being getting an agent
second one is job fairs
and third one is networking
and the forth one is internships
Just before that I just wanted to say
if you are looking for a job in Japan
I really recommend you doing the JLPT test
Which means the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Normally when you go into an interview with a company
they will ask for your JLPT results
and normally you have to have kind of a business level
which means N2 or N1
For those of you who can't speak Japanese
but really really want to come to Japan
Then English teaching or finding a restaurant job
or something that doesn't require much Japanese is my recommendation for you guys
But don't just waste your time in Japan
Use your time wisely, and try to study Japanese, talk to more native speakers
Because you are surrounded by that environment
So you can improve your Japanese
And then you can go and work in a normal company or something like that
A lot of people think if you just live in Japan
and your surrounded by that environment
you can just naturally speak fluently
but it's not like that
you actually have to have to put in the hard work
and actually try to become better in Japanese
by practicing it more
If you can speak Japanese
it is a very very very big bonus on your CV when you talk to your Japanese company
Because Japanese companies like someone that can speak their language
and understand that culture
They like you to adapt to them
Because you are in their country
Right! Lets go into the first tip
So my first tip is getting an agent
If your looking for a job whether your overseas or whether your in Japan already
Get an agent - I will link some sites down below for you guys to sign up to if you are serious about looking
Basically what these agents are
they help you find a job
so you fill in your profile
and you tell them what you like and what not
and they will try match you up with a company
so it's kind of like speed dating
but then they're trying to hook you up with a company
Best thing about them is that they are absolutely free
Basically how it works is
the company pays them after they found someone they want to hire
and you don't have to pay a thing
and my second tip is going to job fairs
so this is the most common way for Japanese new graduates to get a job is through the job fairs
and it has a pretty loooong process
However, as a foreigner or if you can speak more than one language
You have some advantages
Every year there is this very big job fair around the world not just in Japan
It's called the Career Forum
and I will link it down below
But it's held in the big cities like
You can even get jobs in Japan while your overseas
Best thing about this forum is that you can get an interview on the spot
and actually some people they get a job right on that day
So compared to the normal Japanese job fairs its a much much much faster process
Also another thing that might come to your surprise is that in Japan
especially for the new graduates
it doesn't matter what degree you studied in university
because the company they look for you as a person
what kind of person you are
and if your going to fit into their company
and then they try to kind of find you a job that's right in the company
So it's not so much about skill for the newly graduates
it's more about how you are as a person, your personality and everything
third tip for you guys is networking
It doesn't matter what country you are networking really helps
So go tell people you're looking for a job
go join events that are in something you guys like and want to do as a career
and you never know, opportunities may just arise
My forth tip for you guys is starting an internship
Internships are quite good because they are much more easier to get than normal jobs
and also you can apply for them in your own countries not just in Japan
and once you get an internship you can really really see how the company is run
and you can kind of see what kind of job you want to do there
if you do your job really well in that company, maybe they will hire you as a full time staff
So thanks for watching guys and those were my four tips for you guys on how to get a job in Japan
I really do hope it did help you guys
I will probably do more of these work related or advice related videos just to help you guys
encourage some of you to come to Japan
and leave a comment down below if you guys know some tips and advice for others that could benefit
from looking for a job in Japan
and I will see you in my next video!
Thank you for watching!
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How To Get A Job In Japan | Non-English Teaching Jobs

119 Folder Collection
周建丞 published on September 16, 2019
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