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Hi, everybody! Welcome back to Top Words,
my name is Alisha, and today we're going
to be talking about American food, so
let's get started!
Apple pie, the first food is apple pie.
Apple pie is a delicious and sweet
American desert, it is, as it sounds, it is
a pie, so a bit of crust, and on the
inside is apple, fresh apple, I hope. Large
feast often have an apple pie for
dessert. In a sentence, my mom cooks an
apple pie every Thanksgiving.
Chocolate chip cookie, next food is the chocolate
chip cookie, this is a very popular
cookie, it's a simple cookie, just put
chocolate chips into any cookie, into
anything, and you can make a chocolate
chip cookie. If you eat it there's a very
kind of nostalgic childhood feel about a
chocolate chip cookie. In a sentence, when
I was a child I made chocolate chip
cookies with my mom and my brother.
That's true.
Hamburger, the next food is probably the
first food you thought of when I said we
were talking about American foods today.
It is the hamburger, woohoo! A beef patty
between two buns, two buns or two pieces
of bread, and depending on your
preference you can put anything you like
on your hamburger. Many people like to
use cheese, thereby making it a
cheeseburger, you can use lettuce, ketchup,
tomato, onion, mustard, relish, whatever go
crazy! Bacon, avocado, anything really!
I love trying new and interesting
hamburger combination!
This is an interesting American food,
thy are colorful, they usually come in
a package about this size, maybe this big.
They are kind of a squishy jelly-like
candy, very very sugary, and they usually
have some kind of fruit flavor. You can
find the regular jelly beans, which are
sweet and delicious, or you can find
jelly beans which are maybe a mysterious
mixture. In a sentence, when I was a kid I
loved eating jelly beans.
This is an actual picture from one of
the, from a supermarket, almost all of
those are jelly beans, or their candies
to some degree. So you can see they're
like pins to scoop the candy out of,
there is a bin to like pour candy from.
This is amazing! American candy is just
unreal, there's so much!
Ok the next food is turkey. Turkey is a
weird big bird that we almost always eat
at Thanksgiving.
That's right, turkeys, you're weird! In a
sentence, every year my family cooks a
turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.
Boston baked beans
the next food is Boston baked beans, this is something i haven't
had in a long time. As you might have
guessed, it's an East Coast style food
from Boston, so Boston style baked beans
are typically sweetened with molasses or
with maple syrup. In a sentence, I'm going
to make a chili later today with Boston
baked beans.
This is a food that comes from the
southern part of America, I didn't eat
grits growing up so I don't really know
very well. From a video that we did a
while back, we learned that grits are
commonly eaten at breakfast, you can eat them
with butter.
I eat grits every day for breakfast.
Hush puppies, here we are again! The next
American food is hush puppies.
Hush puppies from the same video that we
talked about grits, our friend Keith came
in and told us about
hush puppies. It's just a ball of dough
that is fried.
That's it a very very simple food, very
very healthy, surely, ya know. In a
sentence, I haven't had hush puppies yet,
and i really want to try them, but they
don't seem very healthy, so it's not high
on my to-do list.
Biscuits and gravy, ok great, the
next food is biscuits and gravy.
It's a very simple dish as you can guess,
it's just a biscuit and gravy, the gravy
is usually very very rich, very very
fatty, very fattening. This is a dish that
is typically eaten for breakfast, a
simple coffee shop or just yeah local, a
local simple restaurant might have
biscuits and gravy on the menu. In a
sentence, I used to eat biscuits and
gravy at my grandparents house in the winter.
Philly cheesesteaks! Oh my god! I'm
getting so hungry for a very not healthy food.
Ok the next food is Philly cheesesteaks,
a Philly cheesesteaks are so good. Philly
is short for Philadelphia, the city of
Philadelphia. Philly cheesesteak is a
sandwich from Philadelphia, the sandwich
has cheese and steak, oh my god, can you
hear my stomach?
Delicious! Delicious! It's a very
East Coast American sandwich. In a
sentence, if you go to Philadelphia make
sure you try a Philly cheesesteak sandwich.
Alright! So those are 10 American foods.
Have you tried any of these foods? What
did you think of them?
This video has made me very hungry.
Alright, thank you very much for watching
this episode of Top Words, please make
sure to subscribe to our channel if you
have not already, and we will see you
again soon for some more good
information. Bye!
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Learn the Top 10 American Foods in English

729 Folder Collection
shyangning published on September 14, 2019
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