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so yeah a while back Andrew yang was on the Joe Rogan experience podcast and I
just finally finished checking it out and we're going to discuss the man
himself presidential candidate Andrew yang what
is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the
problem but focus on the solution and if you're new to my channel what I try to
do is take different topics going on in the YouTube community or pop culture or
just in the world and try to see what lessons we can learn from them and
something I'm really passionate about is mental health as well as the diction
recovery so any of that stuff make sure you subscribe and bring that
notification though and while you're at it make sure to follow me on social
media over on Twitter and Instagram at the rewired soul all right so yeah
this podcast episode was from about six months ago I know Andrew yang has some
newer appearances and you know the next round of debates is coming up very soon
but anyways like I've been following Andrew yang for a while and I like the
things that he has to say but I wanted to learn more
so anyways real quick too this is the second video in a row that I've done
bike I watched this so you don't have to here's the thing I don't know I kind of
want to do this more often because I know a lot of people don't
like reading books a lot of people don't like long-form content I know a lot of
people do like those things but like if I can condense those things and discuss
some points that I think are important that you should know about I might do
that so if you like that let me know down in the comments below
all right I'm long-winded but I try to shorten what the original content was
because yeah Andrew yang on the Joe Rogan experience podcast was about two
hours or so and so anyways like let's talk about Andrew yang let me kind of
talk about my opinions and predictions but anyways here's what I dig about
Andrew yang like this dude is trying to get to the root of the
so as somebody who is trying to help people with their mental health and I've
you know had to work on my own mental health I overcame my own opioid
addiction seven years ago my alcoholism depression anxiety all those things like
something I realize which is very important for anything for anything is
getting down to the root of the problem all right the way I think about him the
way I see a lot of people operating is they're hacking away at the tree
branches and they're like why isn't this tree gone because you didn't get down to
the roots baby all right and what I appreciate about Andrew yang
like I made a video about this a while ago and it was telling something along
the lines of like Andrew yang is the only you know candidate who cares about
mental health of people well he's not the only one but he realizes that that
is the the root of the issue right so in the podcast like Joe Rogan talks to him
about like what inspired you to run for president right and I respect his answer
like he was looking around he saw all these problems he thought people are
miserable and things like that people are miserable angry all sorts of stuff
and he's a problem solver he's like what can we do to solve this problem and he
just starts looking at different angles to take in it's like okay well let's
start here and something that he's running on is universal basic income or
the freedom dividend which is $1,000 a month but it's not just like top level
like Oh give everybody $1,000 he understands the root of the problem like
I want you to sit here and be honest with yourself all right
think about your biggest stresses in life think about how many arguments
you've had in your household and think about how many of those were related to
your financial situation right like working all day at a job that you don't
like coming home stressed because of money issues right you're at a job all
day that you don't like and you're stressed about money like that's a
double whammy or maybe you're unemployed and things
like that like something Andrew yang talks a lot about is automation
he wants people to get into more creative careers things that cannot be
replaced by machines right but he mentioned something that was just so on
point to where he talks about how when people's mental health improves they're
less they're less racist than less misogynist right like they're less angry
and it's like yes you guys that is true when you look at all the anger in the
world and people just like oh you know they're they're taking this away from us
and they're taking this away from us and all these other things and that is one
of the reasons why divisive politics work so well when candidates are able to
tell you that those people are to blame it's easy and they get to play into your
anger which is really rooted in fear right how am I gonna support my family
how am I gonna support myself I'm gonna put food on the table how am I gonna
keep a roof over my head all these things that we start looking for people
to blame so once like what Andrew yang is costly saying it's like taking the
boot off of people's neck like people are gonna be able to breathe a little
bit and like if we can get most of the country just a little bit happier like
think about it like think about that right now like a lot of you have seen me
do videos recently on like outrage culture and canceled culture and
something that I keep coming back to is why is everybody so angry right and
there's a million reasons for it there are so many reasons for right there are
people who either you know they believe they're being oppressed or they
legitimately are being oppressed but that oppression leads to them not having
as many opportunities and the reason why it is putting them in this angered state
is because with a lack of opportunities means their financial standpoint in life
isn't all that great right fear turns into anger and then you have people just
screaming at each other online like part of outraged culture online is because
people have their own stuff in their life that they're dealing with that they
have little to no control over so there's
when their anger out all over the Internet so when Andrew yeh talks about
how this is going to improve mental health I'm like yes yes yes yes and if
you want to check out the whole podcast on the Joe Rogan experience I'm gonna
link it down below because he goes really in-depth on like mental health
studies suicide rates opioid addiction and everything like the part where you
talked in this podcast about the opioid crisis and how like doctors and even big
pharma are you know they're incentivized to make money like doctors they try to
peddle these pain pills to you right even if you don't really need them like
so many things that are an issue he also had a good answer for talking about free
college which I thought was interesting because I love me some Bernie Sanders
I'm gonna talk about that in a second but he was talking about how you know if
you get the freedom dividend like if you want to use that for college cool but
and I do believe this to be true is that we keep selling people on the idea that
college is the only way but he talks about how forty four percent of college
graduates you know they they either don't find a job or they find a job you
know that they're overqualified for you see what I mean like they're not getting
something that they pursue the career there now personally my opinion on that
a lot of people major and really dumb things in college and that's happy years
here right there but anyways like I was starting to realize how how well-rounded
Andrew yang is but it always comes back to the root issue where people are
depressed people are angry people are miserable like this is why people are
turning to drugs and alcohol this is why people are turning to suicide because of
that misery so can't we work on making people a little bit happier happier
because what he talks about is getting rid of the GDP right gauging our
nation's success on money because this is something I try to teach people on a
personal level to do not gauge like your success on how much money you make or
the things that you buy because we know most of us know by this stage in
our life I don't even know how old you are but you've probably figured out by
now that money does not make you happy now money does decrease stress but what
andrew yang is talking about is not measuring the country's overall success
on how much money we're making but how happy are people it's like yeah like you
guys like what what is the point of anything if we're not striving to just
be a little bit happier right if I ask you right now separate two separate
things right would you rather have infinite money or infinite happiness
right like logically you choose happiness right like if I could figure
out a way to be happy with zero dollars I would take that any day of the week
all right because we've seen in this all the time like every celebrity death is
another example that money cannot guarantee your happiness it can just
decrease your stress all right so anyways the last thing I want to talk
about is I'm a huge huge fan of Bernie Sanders and I've mentioned this before I
think it'd be awesome if it was you know Bernie and then VP Andrew yang and maybe
I'll do a whole separate video on this if you want me to like kind of comparing
the two let me know down in the comments below but I just feel like Bernie has
more experience right but it sounds like Andrew yang knows what he's talking
about but I also think one thing that Bernie Sanders has going for him is is
that kind of passion and emotion right and like like I don't think Bernie plays
into fear the way some politicians do such as like Donald Trump and things
like that but Bernie Sanders can play into people's emotions and get people
like excited and wild up you know and Andrew yang is just like a chill dude so
I don't know I just foresee Bernie doing a little bit better but I do want to
make videos talking about this stuff to get awareness out there and something I
really need to do maybe it'll be my next book like
after sitting down listening to two hours of Andrew yay I really want to
read his book but I'm gonna check out some more podcast I know Bernie Sanders
was recently on the Joe Rogan experience podcast and everything like that so I'm
gonna check that out too maybe I'll do a breakdown of that but yeah before I
forget too one thing that I just really like about Andrew yang too is he he
doesn't talk he doesn't talk extensively about foreign policy stuff alright he
wants to help the United States get better and he's not saying shut off the
rest of the world or anything like that and you have some great you know talking
points when it comes to immigration and all of that kind of stuff but you guys
like the way I see it is is this it's it's kind of like the oxygen mask
analogy right like you put yours on before you help anybody else and the
reality is like our country right now with the amount of people struggling
with depression you know the amount of people struggling with anxiety the
amount of people turning to drugs is a form of self-medication the amount of
people who are you know committing suicide and all that like we have a lot
of work to do here making people happier and then we can go save the rest of the
world but right now right now it's kind of like you being pretty broke pretty
poor and trying to financially support somebody else so we start here and then
we expand outwards and help others you know what I'm in anyways let me know
your thoughts on that down below and if you want me to do more videos about this
or just like different candidates and kind of condensing you know their
long-form content sharing my opinions and opening up the conversation just let
me know down in the comments below baby alright but don't forget follow me on
social media a career wired soul over on Instagram and Twitter and if you like
this video please give it a thumbs up if you're new make sure you subscribe and
ring that notification bell and a huge huge thank you to everybody supporting
the channel over on patreon you're all amazing a huge thank you to everybody
who supports the channel in other ways I buy my merch buying the books I've
written and that kind of stuff and if you want to
check that out just go to my website the rewired soul calm alright maybe was
thanks again for watching I'll see you next
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I Watched Andrew Yang on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast So You Don't Have to | The Rewired Soul

54 Folder Collection
王惟惟 published on September 14, 2019
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