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Hello Democrats Abroad!
I'm Andrew Yang and I'm running for president in 2020,
and we need your help.
Because as you can tell, your country is not doing so hot without you.
It must be because you're abroad.
Though you can't necessarily come back and fix everything, do you know what you can do?
You can vote.
And then after you all vote, those votes will be counted.
Vote in particular, if you're going to vote for me,
and you're from the states of New Hampshire, Iowa,
South Carolina, Nevada, or any of the other 46 states.
Thank you Democrats Abroad.
I'll see you when you get back.
When I'm in the White House! 2021!
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Andrew Yang Message to Democrats Abroad

83 Folder Collection
王惟惟 published on September 14, 2019
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