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so it was just announced that Andrew yang just made the third round of the
Democratic debates so in this video not only are we gonna be talking to how
Andrew yang is the only candidate who seems to care about mental health but
we're gonna talk about how he made at this third round of debates and the
other things that he stands for so make sure you stay tuned what is up everybody
this is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but
focus on the solution and if you're new to my channel I take a wide range of
subjects and trying to see what lessons we can pull from them to improve our own
mental and emotional well-being and something that I'm extremely extremely
passionate about is mental health so if you're into that stuff makes you
subscribe and ring that notification bell and if you're just now meeting me I
do care so much about mental health that actually write some books on it I'm not
a licensed therapist or a psychologist I'm a certified life coach and I've been
clean and sober for seven years I've battled depression as well as addiction
and anxiety and I write books about that stuff so check out my website works for you all right so yeah anyways let's talk about Andrew
yang I did a video a while back about my first impressions of Andrew yang and
I've been kind of following him you know on Twitter and in the media and
everything just to kind of get a feel for him something that I want you guys
to hold me accountable for I need to read this book I need to read this
dude's book if you've read it let me know down in the comments below how you
liked it and your thoughts on it and things no spoilers haha I'm just kidding
anyways yeah I think I'm gonna go check it out from the library and try to knock
it out in the next week or two and maybe do like a book review on it but I really
want to get to know him more so I've watched you know both rounds of debates
so far and yeah like the first round of debates Andrew yang was kind of screwed
all right like he had the least amount of talking time and then it came out
after that his mic was being cut out all right and it's crazy because then he
ended up when for that on Twitter and we're gonna be
talking about Andrew yang on Twitter because he's doing it like a boss but
anyways what I felt interesting in the second round of debates was that he
still was at the very bottom for the amount of talking time that he had and
that's really fascinating to me because he's doing so well but even though he
had the least amount of talking time and both debates he still just made the
third round of debates he has a massive amount of support you might be part of
that yang gang and let's talk about how Andrew yang is seemingly the only
candidate who cares about mental health so here's kind of my philosophy on
politics my views my opinions um we all care about certain things all right
for example if you're a business owner you probably look at candidates and see
what their policies are for small businesses and things like that if
you're a woman or you care about women's rights you're probably looking at where
the can this stay or state they're at with abortion laws and things like that
and there's a lot of issues in this country so I think for me personally
it's important to kind of prioritize you know your own values and then really
look and see what the candidates are saying and my number one thing is mental
health so when I listen to these candidates talk I try to hear if they're
talking about mental health and here's one of the main reasons why this is such
a concern for me going into the upcoming elections next year in 2016
leading up to that you have so many candidates who were talking about like
the opioid epidemic all right I'm a recovering opioid addict I have seven
years clean and sober I've worked in addiction treatment mental health care
and addiction health care in this country absolutely sucks
and you saw a lot of candidates talking about the opioid epidemic and things
that they were gonna do but nothing's happened like even Trump talked about it
but nothing has happened right and this is something that we see with
politicians they pander right when they go to the Northeast
they'll talk about the opioid epidemic because that is one of the major
conversations because there's so many overdose deaths up there right so
anyways mental health addiction and all it's something that I'm very tuned and
on so I listen to these candidates so even though Andrew yang has had the
least amount of time in both Democratic debates he has brought up mental health
each time all right and like I think it's important that we really watch
candidates and we watch other people in our life see what they stand for see
what topics are on their mind and Andrew yang in my opinion he's the only one
that I see bringing up mental health on a regular basis without being prompted
all right so what that tells me as a voter that that is something in the
forefront of his mind and that's something that I'm very passionate about
now don't get me wrong all right before the hate comments come in I'm not saying
that nobody else cares about mental health but it doesn't seem to be in the
forefront of their top other thoughts right like when they're prompted or ask
questions you know some of them say some good things and things like that
but my question is when they get into office what are they going to make a
priority and trust me this country has a million issues all right but I think
mental health needs to be the number one priority because it helps with you know
the anger problems that we have in the United States right it's so decided and
people are just angry people are so angry I would say the majority of people
in the United States I would love to do a poll on this they're either one of two
things angry or miserable all right and that's
something that we need to take an account now there are plenty of things
that are contributing to that like the economy and all that kind of stuff but
if we start at the top and teach people how to improve their mental health
regardless of how much money they make and things like that like this is a step
in the right direction because some of us we have to humble ourselves and take
the opportunities that are presented for us and things like that but when we get
entitled I think we deserve all these things right then it's affecting our
mental health and that's just my opinion on it so I appreciate that
Andrew yang talks about this quite a bit now if you're part of the yin gang or
you follow anything about Andrew he talks about the $1,000 a month which
is the freedom dividend and let me tell you this like when I see people talking
about how this is unpossible or anything like or for example when like Bernie
Sanders so I'm gonna talk about in a minute when he talks about you know free
college and you know Medicare for all and everything like that I need to do a
whole video on Medicare for all or maybe on my podcast Leila's people like we're
we gonna get that money we're we gonna get that money like please all right
like when you realize how much money we are spending on offensive Wars all right
when you understand what our military budget is like a fraction of that like a
small tiny piece like we could take funds from that and take care of so many
things and still have the most bad military in the world all right so like
don't even hit me with that math like where's the money gonna come from like
there is plenty of money we are just putting it in the wrong places
but anyways talking about Andrew Yang and the $1,000 a month and the freedom
dividend one of the best books on depression out there all right is from
an unlicensed person some of you get that joke Johann Hari okay get the book
lost connections he's an investigative journalist his first book chasing The
Scream was about the addiction epidemic around the world this next book that he
wrote lost connections is all about the depression problem around the world he
talks about anxiety as well but anyways he focuses on a ton of different studies
so I did a video about this a long time ago that got like absolutely no views
but they actually did a study in Canada where they gave people money right kind
of like the freedom dividend and they saw massive drops in things like
depression things like anxiety they also saw massive drops in health issues like
heart disease because people weren't as stressed out so that freedom dividend
when I hear Andrew yang talk about it he also mentions the mental health aspect
of it and you have people who opposed that and say oh no this will just make
people lazy or people are just gonna spin that on drugs
or stupid things or whatever but the studies they talk about in lost
connections prove otherwise all right when people feel more safe and secure
and comfortable they're more likely to go out there and get jobs but one of the
things is is that they're going to get jobs that they actually like and
employers have to be better too because people don't have to settle for working
at a crappy place like it is such an amazing study I'm gonna see if I can
find out an article to link down the description below like I will but don't
worry I got you baby oh but anyways that's why I just love
what Andrew Yang's doing so how he made the third round of debates here's my
theory on it this dude is plugged in and connected all right like I follow most
of the Democratic candidates on Twitter and most of them like when you look at
their Twitter accounts you're like okay is this really them tweeting or did they
tell somebody what to tweet right and with Andrew yang you can tell it's him
not only is it him who's tweeting out but he's also replying to tweets I just
saw him replied to Casey nice nod and stuff like that but he interacts and
gets involved with people and like that's why although he didn't get that
much airtime on the Democratic debates like he just made it to the third round
and was able to raise the funds because this dude is an entrepreneur he's a
businessman he understands marketing and he understands the importance of
connecting with your audience so regardless of what the mainstream media
media does like cutting out his mic or you know being against his like freedom
dividend and all those other things he is plugged in with people like you and
me all right aside from that he also just went on the
h3 h3 podcast which is huge I remember seeing Roberto Blake mention that on
Twitter like a month ago and then it happened so I'm not saying Roberto
helped get those wheels of motion but I would have be surprised but anyways like
Andrew yang getting on these kind of small
level podcast everything like you know Bernie Sanders was just on Joe Rogan but
I think it's important that Andrew yang is connecting with the other people in
the community and not just going after like the biggest ones for the biggest
exposure and all that like like this kind of micro marketing is huge and
that's what I think Bernie had you know in in 2016 or 2015 before he kind of got
screwed by the primaries but anyways my final thoughts on this for now for now I
will be doing updates and I do want to do more videos on politics so make sure
you let me know down in the comments below there's things you want me to
touch on but anyways in my opinion I I still like personally I think Bernie has
a great chance maybe Elizabeth Warren I would prefer Bernie though but in my
like dream team scenario it'd be Bernie Sanders for his experience right and
everything that he stands for boom you get Andrew yang as the vice president I
think those two dudes would make some amazing things happen but yeah like just
when it comes to Andrew yang like it's just even though he he understands all
this stuff and he has some great views and great ideas in my opinion who just
doesn't have the experience of somebody like Bernie Sanders so that's why you
know I would kind of put Bernie and then Andrew but let me know your thoughts
down in the comments below let me know who you're rooting for and if you're on
the other side of the aisle that's cool too like don't get me wrong like I like
although I lean more towards the liberal side like I am just somebody who looks
at policies and what aligns with my beliefs all right but let me know your
thoughts down in the comments below and I will be doing follow-ups so feel free
to follow me on Instagram and Twitter if there's any topics that you feel like I
should cover on here or even on my podcast just let me know because you
guys I'll tell you this I'll say this at the end of every video about politics
like you have no right to complain about a damn thing in this country unless
you're following the candidates and what they're about and then get your butt out
there and because if you don't you have absolutely
no right to come to complain about anything go out there vote and also be
educated about what these candidates actually stand for all right anyways
that's all I got for this video if you want some mental health books make sure
you check out the description and the pin comment down below
visit my website got them all over there all right but if you like this video
please give it a thumbs up if you new make sure you subscribe and ring that
notification bell and a huge huge thank you to everybody supporting the channel
over on patreon you're all amazing and a huge thank you to everybody who gets my
books and all that kind of good stuff you're all awesome too alright thanks
again for watching I'll see you next time
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Andrew Yang is the Candidate Who Cares the Most About Mental Health | The Rewired Soul

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王惟惟 published on September 14, 2019
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