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this video we're gonna show you exactly how to manifest what you want using
water I'm here with Eric ho and we're gonna get into the video right now
welcome back to another video my name's Erin and I help people expand their
consciousness so today we're gonna show you I'm here with Eric ho right now
thank you for coming on bro and we unintentionally matched today
we'll just get that right out right now synchronous the secret is hey we had no
idea we were gonna be wearing this and yeah we're today we're gonna be talking
about is how to manifest what you want using water if you haven't followed Eric
already you're gonna see in the top the description box below you will see his
channel there he makes great content you'll see over there very similar type
style videos as me when it comes to the the content that I share so if you like
my channel you're gonna like his channel as well we'll both help you expand your
consciousness it's what we do okay so so yeah so I thought he was we were talking
about this a little bit ago at lunch and I thought oh man is to be perfect for
you guys so if you wanna go ahead and share what you know about manifesting
using water cool yeah first off thank you for having me on of course thank you
bro another thing is yeah it's not something
so like woo or crazy you know I think Law of Attraction we all understand how
it works we attract what we are but the thing is a lot of people don't realize
that we are I think what 7080 percent and this is science right so the quality
of water we drink determines the quality of us and determines the quality of our
manifestation that's why a lot of the time by you just let's say looking at a
vision board in the morning or doing some incantations affirmations it's not
gonna change everything but one thing that does change
everything is water why because we drinking water right our water so how do
we change the vibrations of water and then how do we become that of what we
want to attract because there's quite a few parts to this right so the first
part is to understand this usually the average person out there I
don't know it's the same in us to drink tap water they yeah yeah people drink
tap water there's a load of chemicals in there to stop the pipes from bursting
right there's a lot of things going on there and another another type of water
people drink is bottled water from like supermarket shelf
yeah Arrowhead or something yeah yeah so when you get bottled water how long has
it been on the shelf for most people don't know it's been there for like two
years yeah in retail it's been about two years water always likes to be moving
when water is moving it's alive right and this is the work of dr. Emoto if
you've never checked hours work you can check out his work he dedicated this
whole life to understanding there is life in water but the biggest problem is
when we are drinking water from a bottled source from the Shelf it's been
there for two years it becomes dormant water dead water because that means that
you did us right so our energy is very very different yeah and so how do we
wake water up because if we look water always likes to be moving man take set
traps in the bottle so one of the components you can use is ceramic balls
what does the Emoto found is by using ceramic balls and we do this for around
20 seconds it awakens the water and it puts the life back into water and when
we do that it means that we are drinking activated water meaning alive water we
will have more energy from it okay but aside from that it's not just being
alive what if it's alive and it's aggressive right alive is angry is upset
it's sad right that changes our vibrational frequency to grab
vibrational frequencies towards the low vibrational frequencies so we need to
shift that towards the higher ones and that's why you'll see that inside this
bottle that you can make the same thing inside this muscle you see there's a
bunch of roll rose quartz in here rose quartz is naturally a love
vibration ascends out so with the rose quartz there what it does it sends it
out to the water love joy peace being a high vibrational frequency yeah right so
that's another component of it by sending that vibration in another
component is word so what does it say on your bottle because that also sends that
information that intellect that thought that that word inside the water as well
this is a very simple experiment before we go into the final part of it it's
very simple experiment what dr. Emoto did when he took two glasses of water
put it into two different rooms and in one room
Aaron's saying I love you and all this type of stuff to the water and on the
other room we're like okay arsons and hating the water and everything yeah and
what he did was he took that you water and he froze it and then looking at the
crystals right what he found was one was beautiful crystals the other one was all
chaos right now some of you with a natural skeptical mind like I was would
be would be thinking really design work I mean is that real I had exactly the
same mind and that's why when we ran an event it was really magical actually I
was out in Malaysia we did a whole water ceremony and basically we did meditation
around the water wow yeah that was by the ocean and then what happened was we
took that bowl of water that was in the center of the meditation and then we put
it into a bottle and then we sent it off to emoto's lab by the way any of you can
have access to that as well you can send it over to the lab and then they can put
it under the magnifying glass and then they can print out the crystal that your
vibration formed right it is beautiful so what I did was we took that bowl of
water after the meditation right and then I took just some random ones I sent
both of them on purpose because I wanted to know yeah yeah wait
is this actually real you know right should we send it off and it sent us the
two things one was a beauty you can't even imagine how beautiful the crystal
was okay and the other one was just it wasn't even a crystal you can't even
call it a crystal he's just like lines right and when I seen that for psych
that is really crazy because like when we were talking before and you explained
a lot of the time when we're drinking bottled water we don't know in the
factory that it's made yes what vibrational frequencies the workers
are right yeah or the whole process in it getting to the Shelf in the first
place before you even have it yeah how many hands and how many vibrations has
been through and what is the emotion that is holding because when we take
water and we're like okay how do I worry yeah okay or we wake up in the morning
we're saying okay down a glass of water and we down that glass of water it could
be all sadness or hatred or jealousy or it could be all of this cyber stuff and
when we down that because we're 70 80 percent water we become that and then we
attract more of that and then we're thinking what happened you know yeah
why is my people say why is my law of attraction not working it's not it's not
working it's working all the time but it depends if you become conscious and
aware about all these things that we're using it it really changes everything
it can enhance your life that's right and then moving on to the final part of
it is the affirmations or some people like to say prayer that you send into
the water so before we drink water what is our vibrations that we send to
it so a lot of the time before we drink water I'm not saying I mean you don't
have to in public speak out loud to your water oh I love you so virgin okay you
might get arrested for that stuff right so be careful so like maybe just even in
your mind that's what we talked about before right yes thought intention yeah
intention right so before we drink the water are we showing that gratitude
right before we drink the water say if we want to attract love are we sending
love in there right and by the way sending love in there
it's not more attraction is not where we are saying to the water we're saying oh
I wish I could have attract my no because that's scarce is yes that you're
not having it is how do you become that thing you want to attract yeah so
instead of that it's like love I just feel love right now feel really a love
drinkin because that vibration sentence of water you drink it you become that as
well if it's money same thing right I am well not I want well I am well you are
wealth we are wealth abundance everywhere this is so beautiful
visualize see it feel it I feel it I always emotions is very powerful
right that's energy and motion so feel it amplify that emotion yeah so you
become that vibration what's it becomes a vibration you drink
the vibration you vibrate at the highest highest highest frequency and you
attract anything you want using what beautiful yeah we were talking about
this earlier as well about in general we were kind of going off and talking about
food and when you go to a restaurant and you eat the food at a restaurant the
emotions of the chef many times will be inside of the food that's why sometimes
they'll say like a mom or someone that's cooking the food with love you can taste
that this well you're literally eating the emotions that were put into it and
that's why sometimes maybe if you're feeling angry or lesser emotions you
want to pay attention to how what you're thinking about while you're making your
food what intention are you putting into your food and everything is vibration so
it's something to think about because not that you can be paranoid every
restaurant you go to like asking the waiter what's there what's the mood of
the house I always not having a good day it's like okay I'm gonna go so I think I
think that's the transition point right yeah love the time when you isn't it
like that like first is awareness yes exactly when awareness then you're
freaked out then you overdo it and then balance it out and then you balance it
also and then maybe once you get the fellow be the first you put intention
into that because you can also put intention on the food you know because
there's a lot of water in food especially eating nutrient-rich foods
that's right there's a lot of water in there so you could awareness alone can
help you transmute that because then you can transmute the food that you're
eating as well so yeah when it comes to this whole process remember you
experience in life that which you are the vibration of your vibration is a
combination what you think how you feel and what you do you know and if you can
influence how you feel with the power of water with everything that Eric was
telling you then that can influence your life as well so you want to think of how
can you link up to the highest vibrational reality be around high
vibrational friends via around and put high vibrational
foods into your body think high vibrational thoughts high vibrational
affirmations and see how that begins to change your life anything else or I
think that's it that's around I think that's it so thank you ever being here
if you haven't already you'll see Eric Ho YouTube channel down in the link
below if you haven't found him yet go check out his channel and follow him
there other than that we want to thank you for being here thank you we'll do
more of these down the future in the future eventually so we'll see when we
do that and doesn't that as always peace much love and namaste namaste
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Using Water to Manifest ANYTHING with the Law of Attraction with Eric Ho

146 Folder Collection
juuuddddy published on September 12, 2019
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