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Sometimes timing isn't always on our side.
We might meet people during significant transitions we are about to make.
Whether it means traveling overseas or having to stay in one place longer than we expected, life doesn't stop for anyone.
All we can really do is take care of ourselves and get ready for the journey we are about to begin.
Here are five signs you might not be ready for a long-distance relationship.
One, you rely on physical intimacy alone to feel close to your partner.
Does the idea of being far away from your partner scare you?
Of course it does and it's okay to admit this.
In fact it's better to ask yourself this question before deciding whether to go through the motions of holding on to a long-distance relationship.
If you need to see your partner every day and rely on physical touch to feel close to them, going long-distance may actually do you more harm than good.
The idea of letting go might be scary but the emotional turbulence from being far away from your partner could be a lot more hurtful in the end.
Two, you're already facing communication problems with your lover.
Communication is an important aspect that often makes or breaks relationships, but in long-distance relationships its relied on even more when two people can't communicate in person.
If you're already facing problems in person going long-distance might make matters worse when misunderstandings are common and you rely on technology to communicate.
Three, you haven't had the difficult conversations yet.
As lovers learn more about each other over time, their differences can sometimes tear them apart.
Even if you're not ready to have some of the more serious conversations like marriage and children, you should be clear with each other while you are looking for in a relationship before you take it long distance.
Four, you get jealous easily.
It's normal to have insecurities, everyone does.
But if you get jealous easily or often get paranoid that your partner will cheat on you with someone else, those issues have to be sorted out before the two of you go long-distance.
It's unrealistic to believe that your partner will not speak to or hang out with other people while you are apart.
And you will need to trust that they are staying loyal.
Relationships are built on the foundation of trust and there will only be less when you can't check in in person.
Five, you're already having second thoughts about who you're with.
Have you ever dated someone only to find out later that the two of you just aren't as compatible as you thought?
Breakups are hard but it's even harder to stay with someone you know isn't right for you.
If you're already hesitating and having a hard time imagining a future together, perhaps it's time to sit down with your partner and let them know what's on your mind.
It's okay to be scared, but don't let it hold you back from making an important decision.
You are your first priority and you must surround yourself with whatever feels right for you.
How else might you know that you're not ready for a long-distance relationship?
Let us know down below.
Also, be sure to subscribe to our channel as well for more helpful tips and share this video with others.
With your help we can reach more people and explore relationship problems and mental health issues together.
Thanks for watching.
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5 Signs a Long Distance Relationship is NOT for you

4542 Folder Collection
Angel Hsu published on September 11, 2019
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