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Woman: "Morning." Man: "Morning".
Woman: "I don't really know if this is our thing". Man: "I kinda like it..."
Woman: "Change your shirt you look ridiculous." Man: "I like this shirt".
Man: "Are you ready?" Woman: "We're not gunna be late, I just...I hate my hair."
Man: "We don't have that much time." Woman: "Staying in sounds nice actually."
Man: "Was that you or me?" Woman: " I don't know.."
Man: "Thanksgiving in Las Vegas, I was at the MGM Grand, it was all dumb old people."
Woman: "I was telling Neil how great the job interview went, and he says... Oh you have to act like a dude in a job interview if you want them to take you seriously."
Man: "I never said that." Woman: "Yes you did". Man: "Okay, I said that."
Woman: "Hey baby, I have to go to work early." Man: "You're breath smells like garbage for some reason."
Woman: "I don't care."
Man: "I love you." Woman: "I know."
Woman: "Ha, your breath is so bad."
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10 Signs You've Been In A Relationship Forever

18617 Folder Collection
Halu Hsieh published on November 8, 2013    Clément translated    Hui-Chi Kang reviewed
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