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  • Right now, we are seeing this catastrophic damage from the Bahamas hurricane Dorian still there.

  • At least one death reported just a child and our own Janice Fernandez was there in the Bahamas when Dorian made landfall.

  • We're so glad to report that she is ok along with her for Brian Eli, we checked in with them.

  • We got to speak to them and they are doing just fine.

  • We're waiting for another contact with them though.

  • And of course, ultimately to get some video coming out of Marsh Harbor Amy with a look at Janice's journey in the storm.

  • Well, JC as for so many people riding out the storm throughout the Bahamas, our own crew was forced to take shelter and we did lose contact with them for several hours after the eye of the hurricane passed through.

  • And we want to take you to some live pictures right now.

  • This is New York main town in Freeport, Bahamas.

  • You can just see the pounding they are getting from those heavy rains and winds and you can see the flooding already a major issue there.

  • And we also want to show you video right now of Bahamas TV.

  • This is CNS network.

  • They are of course in extended hurricane coverage and you can see some of the images of the flooding there.

  • Look how high that water is coming nearly up to the roof of that home.

  • And Dorian is not finished.

  • That's the water hitting my front window which is extremely high videos of the devastation throughout the Bahamas pouring in as hurricane Dorian overwhelms several islands in Grand Bahama water lapping the windows and flooding a home well above sea level, that's my bedroom and the waves hit there that is over 15 ft in Freeport.

  • Waves of water inundate houses lower floor carrying floating furniture and debris with it and conditions even worse outside as several cars in Freeport are nearly submerged in the high waters on the Abaco Islands.

  • The damage is devastating.

  • Local ten's Janice Fernandez rode out the storm with photographer Brian Eli in Marsh Harbor.

  • We lost contact with our crew late Sunday afternoon but finally got word Monday morning shutters, aluminum shutters were at this hotel and they blew off the windows.

  • Janice and Brian both unharmed.

  • But the fury of the Cat Five storm is a sobering reminder.

  • Always be prepared.

  • I pray that a storm like this never hits the South Florida because if it does and you hear us on the television telling you not only to prepare but to evacuate, you need to do it.

  • Trust me.

  • When I tell you, you do not want to experience a storm like this was terrifying.

  • Local news broadcasts in the Bahamas focusing on those still unaccounted for as families try not only to survive Dorian's onslaught but find loved ones left with no way to communicate.

  • I'm trying to uh get a message if my daughter can hear me or anybody can hear this.

  • I'm trying to locate my daughter, Lisa Maine and her son.

  • I haven't heard from them from yesterday morning and everybody is concerned, all our siblings are concerned and they're calling me and trying to find out if I hear anything.

  • So just such a struggle right now for people trying to get their bearings in the Bahamas.

  • And again, take a look at this video that we showed you a furniture floating on the first floor of a home and you can actually see waves there on the interior of that home.

  • So the devastation continues and we do want to take you back to those live pictures that we were showing you before from Freeport.

  • Again, those conditions relentless as the wind and the rain and that flooding continue to pound this area looking at near the town in Freeport Bahamas and we are still getting new images coming into our newsroom as damage continues occurring throughout the Bahamas, throughout those islands.

  • We are monitoring all of those videos and we will bring you new information as soon as we get it.

  • But for now just heartbreaking to see the devastation there JC and Eric.

Right now, we are seeing this catastrophic damage from the Bahamas hurricane Dorian still there.

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