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I believe that this nation should commit itself to landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth.
After thousands of years gazing up in the heavens and dreaming of this day, a man is about to set foot on the moon.
Across the world, people wait with bated breath.
Ladies and gentleman, this is a live signal.
There he is!
The shock across the nation at this event is just indescribable.
The Soviet cosmonaut has become the first to set foot on the moon.
We thought it was about being first.
Turns out the stakes are much bigger than that.
Get back to work.
We're still in this thing!
Change of plans, gentleman.
There is water on the moon.
This race will be ours to fight for...and to win.
And we are not stopping there.
Moon lab, we need to accelerate the base.
You're going to be an astronaut candidate.
No, I'm going to be an astronaut.
We're going to Mars, Saturn.
The stars.
The galaxy.
Drifting right.
Watch it!
Eagle, this is Houston, do you copy?
This is not the end of the race!
We must keep our eyes to the future.
Three... Two...
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For All Mankind — Official First Look Trailer | Apple TV+

1759 Folder Collection
Mackenzie published on September 9, 2019    Mackenzie translated    Winnie Liao reviewed
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