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Morning guys
So today is our second day here in Taipei
And this morning, I actually thought I would film a traditional Taiwanese breakfast mukbang for you guys
But then we woke up too late
So we only ate a little bit at the hotel breakfast
And... so instead
Today we will just go for my favorite braised pork on rice
And I will bring you guys with me to do a beauty haul
Because you guys always ask where I get my skincare
And I actually get a lot of, you know
the daily mask I use from Taiwan
They are definitely cheaper here in Taiwan than if I buy them in Hong Kong
And tonight, for dinner
We're going to go for the best hotpot here in Taipei
which a lot of you guys suggested to me
and also some of my friends
also told us that we must try this place
We are going for braised pork on rice
Braised pork on rice in Mandarin (practicing how to make order later)
I thought it's going to be raining every day
But turn out the weather is so nice
It's actually really really hot
We have arrived to the famous restaurant that sells braised pork on rice
It's not even twelve yet
But it's already so crowded
There are only like a few seats left
I intentionally I didn't eat much today for breakfast
So that I can really pig out at this braised pork on rice restaurant
ahhhh I am so hungry
I want a big bowl of braised pork on rice
We are so lucky
Normally you will have to line up here
But today we arrived before 12
So there are still a few seats left
so this is my favorite braised pork on rice
And then we got a piece of fatty pork
Because they say it's also very yummy
And my mom got the minced pork noodles
Do you want some?
So excited!
is it yummier than the one in Tainan?
Super yummy
Do you want to try?
Noodles are also yummy
Do you want some noodles?
so good
You should try!
It melts in the mouth
So crowded
Now that we have finished
It's finally lunchtime
We are smart
Super cute cafe
Waaa how pretty!
Wuuuu So nice!
This is Ball B's tent
But a huge version
She's ignoring me
My mom's hazelnut latte
And I got a rose tea because I don't drink coffee
And I also cannot drink milk
Now that I cannot drink bubble milk tea
This tea is the only thing I can drink from the menu
Because everything else has milk
Last night I ignored it, I got a taro milk
The whole night I was suffering from stomach pain
So sad
My mom got a mango cake
Taste good?
I guess I can also try a bite
So now we are leaving the coffee shop
It's pretty
But it's such a rip-off though
Like, it's 3.5 times of our lunch cost
And it's just coffee, tea and cakes
We have arrived at Ximending
It's shopping time
We have arrived to Cosmed
which is where we buy all our beauty products
Let's go!
Ooh already spot my favorite one
You guys, this is the one that I use every single day
This staff confirmed this is the biggest Cosmed around this area
Let me get a basket
Oh my god guys
So many different masks
I normally use these two brands
But I might try some other ones
Oh yeah, foot cream
Moisturize my heels
This is so good
But I don't normally get it
Because it's super expensive in Hong Kong
But here, like, with this package, it's so much cheaper
Oh my god
You guys, I can spend like hours here
Because everything is so much cheaper than Hong Kong
Trying this new cream
Never tried this before, but it's pretty cheap
So let me try
All these three baskets are mine
so mostly masks and also some skincare
and that's my mom's
This is actually not everything
We actually do not have enough money
to pay for everything that we put into the basket
So tomorrow we have to come back
to get the third bag
We've used up all our money already
Now we are back to hotel
We have 5:30 reservation for a hotpot
which we're super excited about
I'm quite hungry because actually
it looks like I've been eating a lot
but actually
For breakfast, I only ate very little
and then for lunch, some rice and stuff, but that's it
So I'm pretty hungry and very ready for dinner
So now I'll just work a bit and then go for dinner
Yeah, we're here at Wulao Hot Pot
Everyone says it's one of the most famous and best hotpot in Taipei
Let's see if it's true
How nice!
(Waitress explaining the menu in details)
We just got a tofu soup base with
this is so cool, it's called ice cream tofu
I don't know what it is but we've got it
This is Chad's favorite thing in the world
We can add the soup later
and tea
This is the ice cream tofu. So cute!
You can eat it after the water starts boiling
So cute!
Wait for the water to boil, then you can eat
As long as the water is not boiling yet
Don't move the tofu ice cream, it will break
okay so pick it up once the water starts boiling
This place is not as cheap as we thought
It's pretty fancy
So we didn't order that much
we only ordered a few things
which is a lot less than what we will normally order at hotpot
We will just try to see how good the hotpot here is, and then
later I think we will go back to the night market that we went last night
and eat more
Waaaaa So cute!
Handmade meatballs
Fried bean curd sheet
Lamb and scallop paste
it's really like an ice cream
Okay, I'm gonna try it
Waaaa It looks so yummy
It looks so good!
The tofu is so goooooood
So good
They added a lot of tofu for us for free (the soup base is very tasty with free refill!)
We'll just eat tofu tonight then (the stock is very tasty, free refill!)
Oh cool (palate cleanser)
They gave us this icy drink (palate cleanser)
(a bit sour)
I don't like it
All cleared
Turn out it's quite a lot of portion
Especially because they can give you all you can eat tofu and all you can eat rice
I guess no night market for us
Maybe dessert
Dessert, yes
It's very important to eat dessert after hotpot
it helps cool you down
It's a thing
It's a Chinese thing
Thank you
This is my favorite whenever I feel like I eat something really hot
and so it really cools you down
you want? so good
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Daughter Trip to TAIPEI

327 Folder Collection
芭比 published on September 8, 2019
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