B1 Intermediate US 157 Folder Collection
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what if i knew what would you do
what if you bit off much more than you chew what if you left me to die
but i grew living a life
not much different than you finding the clues
lie's on the news wondering how i survive in my shoe's
look to the skies like they taking a snooze guess its on us..the strong and abused
some are amused most are confused
most are still broke after paying their due's some will sell dope..
slowly they choke some choose the rope
the terms when you loose losing our hope,
no it's no joke they tell you to vote, the outcomes excused
count it again brothers and friends
the actions of few are more than a trend
while the poor get sent to the war while the corporations soar,
from the gas & the oils that are offshore own the whole damn world
cause they want more, lost in orchestrating greed like a hot whore
like the truth coming down in a hot poor run your city's with a nuke, fukishima core
you can see itstill bleeding on the seafloor hope its messing with your principles
pay attention..
what would you do what if you kept it inside-but it grew
started affecting the lives that you knew addressing the mess and perception you view
terrible two's parables cue's
see through the lines like dividing of spins
climbing the ladder you'l reach it in time how will you know... these tree's with the
Pine seak and you'l find
deeper than minds reaching the peak inner secrets confined
taking a leap to the East is a Sign sowing your reap
secrets in rhymes knowing your beat,
and look where you leap watch how you speak
reaching divine try it again
mice into men riding the tides
rising of when opponent with swords, would die by the pen
now its just wars, according to men what would you do
now that you know will you just hide
where will you go if i survive
then im alone dying inside
sittin at home all of my life
pain as my wife end of the night
history's shown..nL
are you listening ?
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Orchestrated by NoLeads +subtitles

157 Folder Collection
penny published on September 7, 2019
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