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- Feeling cold is physically painful.
It hurts your fingers, it hurts your feet,
it hurts your face.
It's also potentially very life threatening.
My focus really is anything cold, so if there is ice
or snow, or a cold breeze, I wanna go there.
But I have focused mostly on the polar regions,
both in the Arctic and Antarctic.
Only 48 people have completed the unsupported,
unaided expedition in the North Pole,
compared to Mt. Everest where 6,000 people have summited.
It's the most difficult expedition on the planet,
to a place that few people understand.
A lot of what we see on an expedition
to the Arctic Ocean is nothing.
It's like being on the inside
of a ping pong ball, basically.
You can't see any sort of differentiation from the sky,
to the horizon, to the snow surface.
It's also incredible to look out on a clear day
and see the sheets of ice that are rafted together
like blocks, as big as houses,
pressured in these amazing, incredible shapes.
You can't help but just stop and be amazed.
This is my third expedition in the North Pole.
The Arctic Ocean is changing very quickly
compared to a lot of other places.
Scientists estimate that the Arctic Ocean
will be ice-free in less than 50 years in the summertime.
Unfortunately, we find ourselves not doing these adventures
because they're there anymore,
but because they might not be there in the future.
Our North Pole trip realistically may be the last
of its kind in history, and so it was very important for me
to do this adventure so that people have an idea
of what this place is like right now,
so that we can look back and say this is what we once had.
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This Is the Most Difficult Expedition on the Planet

358 Folder Collection
許大善 published on September 2, 2019
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