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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Quotes 256. The quote today is by Sean
Patrick Flanery. Okay. He's mostly an actor but he did write a book. He wrote a
self inspirational book and I think was named " Jane Two " and I believe this quote
actually comes from it. I don't remember him a lot as an actor, but I do remember
there was a movie in the late 1990s called "Powder" and he played the main
character for that. And it was a very interesting different movie. But anyway,
let's get into today's quote. " Do something today that your future self
will thank you for. " Yeah. I really like this quote. But anyway, let's, let's, let's
look at the note here. Don't we all wish a future you or a future you know,
yourself could time travel and come back to give yourself advice ? You know, what
would you say to yourself if that could happen ? It's kind of a cool thing to
think about ? Of course , I'm sure a lot of people would probably talk about a
butterfly effect and you know, if you actually did that you might change your
life too much. And you know, you might mess things up. That's true but I still
wouldn't mind. it I still would like it. I would tell myself a lot of things if I
could do it. Of course you know, you never know when you get older and you know, you
look in the mirror and you wonder if you can convince yourself. Yes this is me. I'm
you younger. You know I always think about some words from from my father . He
said you know, one day when you get older, you look in the mirror and he said you
say who are you ? Who is that person ? I kind of wonder if a younger me would
actually recognize me. But probably with intimate knowledge I could probably
convince him. I am you. But anyway you know we would all probably tell
ourselves different advice if this were possible. Now of course this is not
really possible. So let's continue here. This quote tries to make you look at
yourself from a third-person perspective and give yourself advice. You go out
and you know, from somebody else. What would you give yourself to try to
tell your future self or do something for your future self that your future
self would appreciate that you did today ? And I did notice that this quote ...
Yeah. This has this has been picked up by a lot of journalists and they like to
add some advice and here's some ... here's some general stuff that we could say. Of
course everybody's different. So everybody may have very different advice
that they would give themselves. And it should be that way because everybody is
different. Anyway, so let's let's look at the note here . What to do for your
future self or advice can vary from person to person. Just what I said.
However here is a list of some general tips that you know, a lot of people you
know, would appreciate. Never stop learning. I definitely agree with this
one. No matter how old you get, remember we've covered other quotes from Mark
Twain and a number of people that always tell you this. A lot of very important
people always tell you this. It doesn't matter you know, a lot of people think
you know, once you leave school... that's kind of you at the end of your learning
you don't have to concentrate. No. Learn always learn more. Always let your mind
go in a different direction and let it let it follow its path and try to learn
as much as you can even even right up to the day you die. All right. Let's continue.
All right so ... invest in yourself. Okay. By picking up more and more skills. Yeah.
Yeah I kind of wish I did more of these things myself now. Whatever it is. There's
many skills you know, learn another language, learn a martial art or learn,
learn how to cook. Oh there's many things. Whatever it is. The more skills you learn
you'd be surprised how they may come in handy or benefit you at some point.
Okay eat healthy. You know try to stay healthy. You never know what what kind of
illness you may come down with in the future. The healthier you stay, the better off
you'll probably be. And maybe you know the better, the better lifestyle
you could have. Try to stick to an exercise program. That's also part of
staying healthy as well. Forget about past regrets. Yeah. This sometimes it's a
tough one. But again move on and just keep going. That's what you should do.
Improve your communication skills. You know for whoever it is that you have to
communicate with this will always come in handy. Okay.
Search out and be loyal to those you believe really love you and would never
betray or cheat you. You know this is not always an easy thing to do because
sometimes people change. Along the way, And you must do the same
for them. That's just as important. Okay. This is just some advice. I'm sure many
you out there would have other good pieces of advice. You know, you can you
could send them. You send that and say... put them in the comments. Or send them. Let me
know if you have other good pieces of advice. You would like to tell your
younger self. Anyway, it's its food for thought to think about this. I hope you
got it. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.
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Tutor Nick P Quotes (256) Sean Patrick Flanery - Do Something Today your ....

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anitawu12 published on September 2, 2019
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