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The only reason why I passed my
10th, 12th and graduation is because
my mother used to repeat, "study beta, study, study"
continuously on a loop so that I'd Ieave the video game
and start studying.
But after my graduation, I noticed that
there are no marks, no exams
and a lot of time to play video games, watch TV
and be on Social Media.
So why will I not procrastinate?
Turns out, out of all the crap they teach us at school
they forgot to teach us Time Management
and now all the TED talks tell me that
if I don't learn it
then I'll end up
being a pathetic loser
in an old-age home
and die of multiple regrets!!!
But don't worry, you and I are not going to end up as losers
because there was a time when I had
a 9 to 7 job,
was making a new video for this channel everyday,
working out,
taking care of a house after getting married
and still had the time to watch new movies every week.
And because I learnt time management,
it changed my life,
it changed who I am.
So it doesn't matter if you are a student or a working professional,
today I am going to tell you why we procrastinate
and how can we stop doing it
so that 60 years later,
ScoopWhoop doesn't write an article on us, titled..
"Top 5 regrets ______ had on her death bed."
And in the end I'll also give you a bonus tip
that will change your life forever (because it sure changed mine!)
But before that, if you like what I am saying make sure
you hit that big fat LIKE button because
that makes me not procrastinate and make videos on time.
Let's begin.
So everybody says that today we have FB, Insta, YouTube
and that's why we are procrastinating.
That's all bullshit.
Because the problem is not Social Media. It's...
Here are the 3 main reasons why we procrastinate.
The moment we wake up, we are worried about something.
Like Bad Appraisals or Home Loan,
Partner Fights, Gaining Weight, Constipation.
We are under so much stress
that we say to ourselves..
"Let me just distract myself for 5 mins"
So we get on Instagram, check Facebook,
see what Taimur Ali Khan is wearing today.
And before we know it, it's 2 hours already.
Now that we have wasted time, we are even more stressed
and that cycle repeats.
If you want to break this cycle, there is only one way to do it.
Be shameless.
So what if life is not going exactly how you had planned?
Picture abhi baki hai mere dost!
Take a 5 mins break, breathe...
and let goooooo....
If you stop worrying about it only then will you start working on it.
The second reason why we procrastinate is because
we don't remember much.
The biggest lie of the century is this..
"I don't need to write it down, I'll remember it."
Does NOT happen.
For example, just a couple of days back
I got an idea that I should create highlights for my Instagram account
but I forgot to do it the next day
and the day after that.
I could've easily done it instead of wasting my time scrolling.
But no.
So to avoid it, I have created a WhatsApp group
which only has me in it.
And every time I remember some work, like
buying tomatoes or creating highlights
or paying my mobile bill, I just note it down
so that I execute it whenever I have free time.
This also serves as my to-do list.
And the third and the main reason why we procrastinate..
Are you ready?!
is if the work ahead of us
is complicated!
The moment we realise that a task is difficult
we shut down completely,
roll inside a blanket and live in denial.
But you are the Super-Hero of your story.
You need to get up and FIGHT!
And the only thing that can help you fight is
Divide and Conquer.
That's the only thing I learnt from the British Raj.
Step #1: Divide
Any complicated task can be made simple
as long as you divide it into smaller chunks.
I think you and I will both agree that
finding a job is a difficult thing to do.
So let's assume that our complicated task is to find a job.
And here is how you can divide it into smaller chunks.
First, search for roles and companies that you want to apply for.
Then write your resume,
then update your LinkedIn profile,
then practise coding on websites like LeetCode, HackerRank,
if you want an I.T job i.e.
But if you want me to make a separate video about
what jobs and careers are available apart from just I.T and medical
then comment and let me know.
Now after you are done dividing and creating your to-do list,
it's time to....do.
Step #2: Conquer
This is where the magic happens.
If you want to stop procrastinating and
conquer the hell out of your life,
here are the 4 things that you must do.
#1: A day's work starts the previous night.
So just before you sleep, tell yourself
what exactly you are going to do tomorrow.
For example, last night
I said to myself that I am going to finish shooting this video
right before breakfast and it's happening!
A little late
but it's happening.
#2: This is a great device
but also a great distraction.
So while you are working, put it at a place that you don't like to go
like your Boss's cabin.
#3: Going for chai with your colleague, watching that Netflix episode,
finishing your novel becomes more fun
if you've finished your day's work.
So remember to reward yourself after.
#4: I cannot express how productive my mind and my body becomes
after exercise.
Just go for a walk, that's it
or do this 15 min Home Workout and you will
finish your day's work like this!
I promise.
See, I don't want to inspire you to use your time better.
Because I know inspiration and motivation don't work.
What works is developing a habit
and I know it's difficult.
But when our bosses ask us to meet a deadline
we work our asses off;
but if it's about our life
we become lazy.
Isn't that sad?
Assuming that we will live till 90, work till 60 and are currently 30,
we only have around 1500 weeks left
and that's not a lot of time.
So Fighters...let's get working!
And your first task of the day, is to subscribe to my channel
and hit that bell icon
because I make videos for you only.
And finally, the bonus tip!
If you are too addicted to FB, YouTube or Instagram
then remember this...
There are 2 types of people on Social Media..
Creators and Consumers.
Creators create content
and consumers, consume it.
So if you are anyway going to waste your time here
instead of just being a consumer,
why not be a Creator?
This is one realisation that stops me from wasting too much time
watching YouTube videos and instead work on creating them.
Think about it.
If you want to know more tips and want to know my story of how
I reached 1 Lakh Subscribers on YouTube
then check out this video.
I have left the link in the description.
With that, I promise to see you again next week, until then...
Keep Fighting, The Urban Fight...To be Fit!
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How to STOP Procrastination and Get Work Done in 3 Steps!

138 Folder Collection
up1217home published on September 2, 2019
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