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>> AIMEE MACABEO: It's kind of, like, frizzy.
So I wouldn't want anything silky and beautiful or anything like that.
It's a Hag.
I'm Aimee Macabeo with the Stan Winston School of Character Arts.
In my webcourse, I will show you how to hand lay hair
on prosthetic appliances.
I am going by this design
and this is what Bruce was looking for.
He did tell me that he wanted me to go a little bit more sparse.
I'm going to start with blending the hair,
both the color and texture in two different ways,
how to map out hair direction.
I'll go into cutting and styling of the hair,
adding back the texture,
and different products that I use.
This is a great technique to know.
>> BRUCE SPAULDING FULLER: I've seen Aimee, just pull this out of nowhere before.
She's just like, "I can do that."
And she's a wizard.
So, GO!
>> AIMEE: I'm really excited to show you all these different techniques.
So let's jump in.
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Makeup Effects Hairwork - Hair Laying for Prosthetic Makeup - PREVIEW

34 Folder Collection
邱于嘉 published on September 1, 2019
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