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Take a look! Woo! That's incredible.
Hey this is Matt Johnston from Tech Insider
and I'm here with WETA workshop– the guys that made the 'Lord of the Rings' folk look
so otherworldly. And they are about to turn me into a dwarf. So, let's see how this goes.
What am I in for today? Nose, the ears and the wig.
So you're not actually gonna make me shorter today?
No, not today. Oh! And the beard!
Yeah, we're gonna do a beard as well. I think the beard makes the dwarf.
Absolutely, it's key, it's key for a dwarf. I can't see the hair. Am I a blonde? Ginger?
So what would be your advice to me? As a dwarf? As a dwarf in your movie?
Yeah, how do dwarves move? You've got to think heavy, you've gotta think
that you're the battle tank. And think about whenever you're moving you're part of the
ground, you're plowing your way through the earth.
Hmm. The nose makes the dwarf!
Yak hair, human hair. Latex. Other things... You are a sophisticated dwarf!
You ever have any difficulty doing things physically on set while you're in this stuff?
Sometimes eating is a bit of a problem. You might swallow a bit of yak hair once in a while.
So now it's time to start working your back story to that scar.
I'm guessing probably an orc. Probably a small one.
Now what would be on the rest of my body?
A fat suit would be the first layer. You would actually have a cooling vest underneath
that. Then you'd have your fat suit, then you'd have your costume on top.
Here you go, take a look. Woah!
I don't think i expected this much transformation.
I'm ready for battle!
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'Lord of the Rings' dwarf makeover

114 Folder Collection
邱于嘉 published on September 1, 2019
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