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- I want you to think of the times when you
just feel sort of crappy.
Nothing's working.
Nothing's working.
You get cut off in your car.
Somebody takes a parking space
that you're waiting to get into.
Life sucks, it just isn't working.
It's because you're not feeling good.
When you're not feeling good you are just naturally going
to attract bad stuff to you.
What is feeling?
Feeling, conscious awareness, how you feel
is conscious awareness of the vibration you're in,
and if you're not feeling good, you're in a bad vibration.
Do you know that wham
just like that you can change the vibration?
This body you're living in is a molecular structure
and it's in a very high speed of vibration.
Everything vibrates nothing rests.
People who are feeling good are in a good vibration.
You can put yourself in a good vibration in a heartbeat.
Music is a great medium to put you in a great vibration.
I have I believe,
hear the music?
I'll turn it up a little bit.
Isn't that nice?
This music is playing all the time in my studio,
all the time.
I don't have it playing this loud,
I moved it up so you'll hear it.
I have it playing very low.
I have a button here on the edge of my desk.
It's a button that's stuck on the desk,
and I press that button the music stops.
I press the button the music starts.
It's my music button.
Scott Edwards who's our Studio Director,
he got this little button, it's just a little button
it's only about that big, and I stick in on my desk
he said press on it.
The music stops.
Press on it, the music starts.
It's phenomenal.
Music is a great medium to cause you to feel good.
You get chaotic music and you're going to
be in a chaotic vibration.
If you have nice quiet music playing,
if you were to be in the studio I have plants here.
Plants love this energy in this place.
You know you often say a person has beautiful plants
has a green thumb no, no they have created a nice energy.
Plants are sensitive.
When you have chaotic energy the plants all die.
When you have good energy the pants grow.
The energy in this studio is phenomenal.
It's very creative.
There's nice quiet music playing all the time,
and the plants love it.
Plants are very healthy in this studio.
Well you see that controls vibration.
Do whatever you can to stay in a beautiful vibration.
Beautiful soft music.
When you listen to a motivation recording it could be
a record, or could be a cassette, or maybe now digital,
have good information playing.
Information that stimulates you,
that causes your mind to shoot off in a creative direction.
I don't mix with anybody that isn't very upbeat.
I don't have a lot of friends.
I don't have time for a lot of friends.
If you're going to have friends, you got to be a friend,
and I just don't have a lot of time.
So I only have just a few friends,
but they're very good friends.
I am very busy all the time, and so the friends
I have I want to treat them properly, and that takes time.
I don't mix with anybody that isn't upbeat.
I don't want to mix with people that are talking bad times,
hard times that are into bad energy.
The people you surround yourself with have a lot to do
with the vibration you're in.
You want to be consciously aware of the energy in the
environment you're in.
It's very important and you want
to stay in a very good vibration.
When you're in a good vibration good ideas flow
into your mind.
You'll see a better way
of doing whatever you're doing.
You'll improve whatever you're doing
and that's really what you want.
You want to get magnificent results.
Make good things happen.
Control your vibration.
Control the flow.
There's an energy flowing to and through you.
And when it flows into your consciousness it has no form.
Our thinking gives it form, and as we internalize it,
it controls the vibration the body is in.
Keep the body in a good vibration and you're going to be
working the way you want to work,
doing the things you want to do.
Keep yourself in a high vibration.
Music, recordings, good friends, a good book.
You get into a good bok and it will stimulate you.
That'll keep you in a good vibration.
Try it today, all day.
You'll love it.
Check us out at ProctorGallagherInstitute.com
for tips, tools and resources.
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Increase Your Vibration | Bob Proctor

96 Folder Collection
juuuddddy published on August 31, 2019
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