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  • Watch this video and learn 7 questions to help you check in at the hotel. Hey friends,

  • teacher Prix here to help you talk to anyone anywhere anytime in English. thank you so

  • much for joining me on another video and if it is your first time here I really appreciate

  • it, thank you so much I hope I can help you become a better English speaker and make sure

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  • skills. But here we go, this is another video of my travel series playlist, if you haven't

  • seen the other videos yet, I will leave a link in the descriptions so that you can watch

  • the other videos I have made so far, so as I said I will be showing you 7 important questions,

  • maybe a few more expressions that will help you check in at the hotel smoothly, ok? So

  • here we go question number 1 good morning ma'am or sir, how can I help you? this is

  • a basic question but that's basically how a receptionist will start a conversation with

  • you. Basically, at this moment, you can say, well, hi I have a reservation, usually after

  • you say you have a reservation, they will ask your name, the name the reservation is

  • under, so they can say, name please or they could say what name is the reservation under?

  • After that you basically say your name and your last name. The name of the person who

  • made the reservation ok? After you say your name and last name they will usually ask for

  • a moment so that they can check in the system what room you have booked. So they may say,

  • let me check please, one moment please. Hold on, please. The second question they may ask

  • you after that is could I see your passport please or could I have your ID and credit

  • card please? so at this moment they ask for some kind of identification so they may ask

  • you for your passport or they may ask for your id plus the credit card, alright? All

  • you can say is here you are. Usually, at this moment, they are checking on their system,

  • information about you, about the room, they may ask you to fill out a form, name, last

  • name, email, personal information, so they may look at you and say, can you fill out

  • this form? could you fill out this form please? If you have any questions let them know but

  • the information in this form is usually very simple. After you fill out the form, if you

  • don't sign, they will ask you: sir, ma'am, could you please sign at the bottom of this

  • form. Basically, you need to give your signature, ok and in that form, there will be a space

  • for you to sign, so they may ask you to sign that form. Do all hotels require you to fill

  • out a form, not really. Check-ins at hotels are changing but these are some general questions

  • they may ask you at the time of the check-in. Now, number 5 is something you can ask if

  • they don't tell you, remember, receptionists are trained to give you all the information

  • you may need, but sometimes you may want to ask them questions, that you don't wanna wait,

  • sometimes we don't wanna wait, we wanna ask about something that we consider important

  • for example, I always ask about breakfast, what time, what time is breakfast served?

  • I don't know about you, but that is very important for me. As I told you, the receptionists usually

  • inform that at the time of the check-in but if for some reason they didn't here it is,

  • that's how you ask it. Pay attention, because they will tell you what time breakfast is

  • served and where it is usually served, so here is something they may say, breakfast

  • is served from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. in the restaurant in front of the reception.Oh, bonus queston,

  • you can also ask for the wi-fi password, although in many rooms you can already find the wi-fi

  • information, if by any chance you get to your room and you can't find the wi-fi information,

  • the password the login, you can call them, or you can ask them at the time of the check-in

  • what's the wi-fi password? and they will let you know, for sure. Question number 6 what

  • time is the check-out? I will make another video just to show you the process of check-out,

  • some common questions you can ask, some common expressions, some common phrases you can use,

  • but you can also ask the time of the check-out. Usually, when you're booking the hotel online

  • or over the phone, you already know the time of the check-out, you already receive this

  • information but if by any reason you forgot this is a good moment to ask, not to mention

  • the fact that as I said, receptionists are trained to give you the most important information,

  • so they will probably tell you the time of the check-out, but if for some reason, they

  • didn't, there you have it, what time is the check-out and they will let you know. well

  • the check-out is at 11 a.m. Or check out is at noon. After that, when you're almost done

  • with your check-in process, the receptionist wil give you the key,will tell you the number

  • of your room, the number of the floor, they will guide you to the elevator if it is a

  • big hotel and you don't know where it is, so here are some things they can tell you

  • at this moment. sir/ma'am your room is on the 5th floor, room number 502. So basically

  • I am saying the floor you have to go and the room number. here is your room key, here is

  • the key to your room. All you gotta say is thank you very much, if you don't know where

  • the elevator is you can ask for help, you can say excuse me, where is the elevator and

  • they will probably guide you. And question number 7 for those people who travel on business,

  • who are working or who are participating in something very specific and need to wake up

  • early and you don't wanna use your phone to wake you up, you can ask the hotel to wake

  • you up. This is what we usually call wake-up call, ok you can ask for that so question

  • number 7 is Could I have a wake-up call tomorrow please? Basically you're asking for the reception

  • desk to call you at a certain time the next day.They will just ask you the time. Sure,

  • absolutely sir, what time would you like us to call you? So you have to say the time.

  • oh, at 6 a.m. please and they will definitely gonna give you a wake-up call. There you have

  • it, which new expression or phrase or question did you learn in this video, I would love

  • to know and if you would like to receive more exclusive tips, videos, podcasts, I have an

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Watch this video and learn 7 questions to help you check in at the hotel. Hey friends,

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How To Check In At The Hotel - 7 Questions You MUST know |Travel English

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