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- I think I've came up with the largest collection
of old American cars in the world.
Yeah, all of 'em has a story,
but they've kindly take their place in the forest, you know,
and they are part of the forest.
They grew up partially in the forest.
(inspirational music)
My name is Walter Dean Lewis.
I run and operate and own Old Car City USA.
I was born and raised in a junk yard,
and I like junk yards.
This land was clear when I started putting 'em in there.
I wanted nature to take its course,
and we just let it go wild.
These cars come from other junk yards
and just individual people, and they all wind up
here at Old Car City.
Fords, Chevrolets, General Motors,
they laying out there in the forest rotting away.
We build things out of rust out there,
and it is a piece of art.
(inspirational music)
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Enter the Forest of Forgotten Cars

323 Folder Collection
許大善 published on August 30, 2019
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