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(dramatic determined music)
- (playful music) Hey guys it's Inga.
- Hey, I have a big forehead, my names is Chris.
- I'm somebody who really likes things that look pretty,
I like it when my food looks good.
- I don't care about the way food looks at all.
- That's what brings us here to day,
we want to see trendy versus traditional,
which one do people prefer?
So when I say Trendy, it could be something
you want to take a photo of,
it could be a trendy ingredient,
or something that people line up for outside.
- And when I say traditional,
I mean no frills, it also doesn't necessarily mean
it's based off of someone's grandma's recipe
with a book that's covered in dust,
it's just simple, might not look pretty,
but I promise it's gonna be good.
- So, today, to help us decide that,
we are going to me making.
(drum roll)
- [Together] Pancakes!
- (happy music) Once both of us are done cooking our dishes,
a person is going to come in, try both of them,
and tell us which dish they prefer.
Let's make this a fair fight. (laughing)
I'm just trying to make sure that Inga's
playing with good sportsmanship.
- He's trying to break my arm.
- That's right.
- He's trying to break my arm.
- Alright, are you gonna wish me luck?
- Yeah, good luck.
- Thank you, thank you very much.
- I love pancakes.
I like old, traditional--
(record scratching)
- Old!
I didn't say they were old, they're traditional, okay.
(playful music) I barely know my own recipe,
I think that's what traditional about it.
I just know what goes into it.
But it's very simple.
- I think what I'm gonna do today is hombre pancakes,
it's basically a gradient of colors from light to dark
or dark to light, probably the most Instagramable
stack of pancakes I've ever seen.
- Kind of your base level ingredients
that most people would have in their pantry.
This is flour, I know it looks like a schedule one narcotic,
we'll get to why there's vinegar on the table.
- So first off we're gonna make our pancake mix,
here I have the sugar, just gonna whisk the eggs in.
We're not really aiming for super fluffy,
'cause I want the stack to look extra nice,
so you can see each layer.
- We're gonna finagle a little buttermilk
and and easy way to do that is you take whole milk
and you add a teaspoon of vinegar to that whole milk
and then you let it sit for five minutes
so it curdles, which is gross
but it makes the pancakes better.
I want it thick.
Not with two Cs, I want it thick with nine Cs.
- (mellow jazz music) I'm gonna add the milk now.
So, then we add a little bit of vanilla,
that should be good, there we go.
- We're gonna start with a big, heaping scoop of flour,
baking powder, some salt, sugar,
cinnamon would be an example of
maybe some traditional pancake recipes wouldn't call for it,
I think it makes it feel a little more breakfasty.
- I'm just gonna slowly add the wet ingredients in,
make a little hole, yah!
That's good, there we go.
A little on the thicker good,
that looks pretty good, look at this batter, oh yeah.
- Now that we've got our faux buttermilk,
we're just gonna go ahead and toss an egg in there,
lets add a little bit of vanilla extract,
add our butter into our milk, egg, vinegar...
God, that sounds awful.
(determined music) It's time to make our pancake batter,
so let's go ahead and just slowly whisk it in here.
We don't wanna over mix, so we're just gonna kind of fold.
- Pancake batter is done, now for the fun part
which his to give it some color.
And puree some raspberries.
(blender buzzing)
That looks pretty goopy,
I'm just takin the seeds out.
The puree is ready,
actually gonna try a little bit to see.
It's kind of sour
but I made the pancake mix a little more sweet,
so hopefully the sour and sweetness balances out.
(upbeat music) I'm gonna keep this one as it is
and for these three, gonna add a spoonful of color
for the first one.
Oo, okay, let's do this one with two.
This is what the batter looks like now,
I don't actually know if after it's cooked
it's going to look exactly like this.
Hopefully a little darker.
- We've let our batter rest for a little bit
now it's time to make the pancakes.
Butter is only going to make the pancakes infinitely better,
there's already a fair amount of melted butter in the batter
but, you can't go wrong with just a little bit more.
Think that's gonna help with browning of the pancakes.
You're gonna take probably like a half a cup
and just plop that boy right in the middle.
The main thing you're gonna look for are bubbles
around the top of the pancake
and that is the pancake's way of letting you know
that it's time to flip me.
Folks, I'm gonna flip, alright,
I'm getting, oh boy, oh God.
- I'm gonna try and use this to see if I can actually
make the pancakes super uniform.
I just think it might help a little bit.
Oo, such a small pan but
Okay, I don't know if I can keep it like this, though.
Hmm. (playful music)
I'm supposed to try and makes this look pretty
and I ruined it.
Also, it looks a bit burned.
It's mainly the sides that we need to keep that pretty color
but you cans see that it's risen a little bit
which is what I wanted.
The color looks natural,
it's not a bright pink or super in your face kind of pink
but that's kind of what we were aiming for.
So we're just gonna go with this for now
and lets make another one that's this color
and you're gonna see me do this for a long time.
(hiphop beat music)
(satisfied exhaling)
- I'm gonna lose.
- That looks like what we would get
at an American diner, it's everybody's favorite.
- Okay, well that looks like something you would get
in a Michelin Star restaurant.
- I'm flattered.
- Now we need someone to try.
- To tell us which one they prefer.
(hard exhaling)
And let's bring Ade in.
- Ade carries a fork and knife with him.
- Always. (laughing)
- Always.
- Can see four stacks of delicious, homemade style pancakes.
- Wow, I really appreciate that.
- Butter on top, syrup for days.
You have to have a little muscle to cut into that one.
(mysterious music)
I taste cinnamon, the texture was think,
this is something that I would order at a diner.
I feel like this would bring me back to life.
This one is like something you see hanging
in a museum. (laughing)
- You can say it looks better, it's okay.
- [Ade] All the colors changing as you go down
from light to dark.
- I'm nervous.
- Ah!
This is surprisingly good.
- What do you mean surprisingly?
- I mean a lot of the times you see things on Instagram
and I'm like that cannot be good.
It looks good but it probably doesn't taste good,
this tastes good.
It reminds of cereal, I'm a big fan of Frankeberries.
I taste the hint of berries throughout.
- Yeah!
- In this instance, based off of look and taste,
which one of these stacks?
- Looks wise, I'm gonna have to lean a little bit towards
Inga's side with the trendy.
This looks like something I can't even afford.
When it comes to overall taste
and look, what I prefer,
I'm just a normal guy,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to go with Chris.
(happy whistling) When it comes down to when I'm hungry
and what I really need traditional.
- [Chris] Don't deserve this.
- [Ade] Team Chris.
- I don't deserve this.
Cheers to--
- Cheers.
- To a pancake battle.
- This is really good!
- Likewise.
I think this is better than what
I thought it was going to be,
it's delicately berry-y,
it's great, it's really, really good.
- I'll take that as a win.
- We had a really great time today,
and I think this can keep going.
I think there should always be
is trendy better than traditional,
is traditional better than trendy?
Should you mess with a good thing?
Do I have something on my face?
Everyone, (laughing)
if you wanna see a food
Trendy Versus Traditional,
let us know what food you think we should do next.
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Trendy Vs. Traditional: Pancakes

42 Folder Collection
周建丞 published on August 30, 2019
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