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- Hey guys, it's Inga.
Today, I'll be making bao, also known as steamed buns.
A lot of your probably know it
from the Pixar Animation Bao.
I have a very, very, very special guest coming in.
She's made some amazing pastries, amazing dishes,
and amazing bread, and she also made me.
(arrow popping)
So yes, today I will be making bao with my mom.
It's going to be incredibly fun.
I hope she doesn't lecture me too much,
but I'm excited, and let's do it!
- Hi, I'm Kelly, Inga's mother.
I'm happy here to make bao with my lovely daughter.
(women laughing)
- Today we're making pork and cabbage buns.
That's how you got me to eat vegetables as a kid, right?
- Yeah.
- Let's do it!
So this is ground pork.
- And we gonna put some salt,
and then we're gonna measure the water.
It will make the pork soft and then juicy.
More tender. - Yeah, that's right.
- You can try to help me.
- You've seen the dumplings I've made before.
They look good, right?
- Yes.
- Which means my buns will look good.
- Yeah, sure, let's see.
Same direction, yeah, like this.
Like this? - Uh huh.
Not easy, huh? - Yeah.
- And you can just add more.
- My mom, it's like when I wanna cook with her,
she's just like get out of the kitchen. (laughs)
- Yeah because when you was young,
and then, I think it's too dangerous.
Okay. - Okay.
- [Kelly] Okay, put the soy sauce.
- Every time I ask her like how much seasoning to put,
she's just like just from smelling it,
you'll know how.
How salted. - How salty it is.
- That's ming scent, not yet.
Some ginger.
(knife tapping)
- Like this much is enough, scallions?
- Uh, okay, fine, good.
Some sugar.
- Ooo, smells good.
- Cilantro.
- I cook a lot.
I learn all of it from my mom.
This is the OG, right?
- The texture is nice.
I need some more oil.
Tell me when to stop? - Yeah.
- Okay, enough.
- I put way more oil than that.
Can I smell it?
I feel like it's not salty enough. (laughs)
- I already washed, yeah. (pleasant music)
I cut in half for you maybe, easier.
(cabbage crunching)
(pleasant music)
- Smells good.
Smells like home.
I'll put it in the fridge.
- We make the dough now,
so we just clean the table first.
- It's lunch time.
- So we make it our lunch now. (Inga laughs)
Baking soda, sugar.
- Oh my god!
- [Kelly] Yeast, some water.
- How is it supposed to feel?
I already worked out this morning, you know?
This is my second workout.
(pleasant music)
(glass bowl banging) - Let it rest 10 minutes,
and then we can wrap the bao.
Let's start the important part.
You can touch it, soft now, see?
- [Inga] Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
- It's totally different, right?
- Like a little pillow.
- [Kelly] And cut it.
(pleasant music)
(Inga laughs) (pleasant music)
- It's like thicker.
- [Kelly] From edge to the center.
(Kelly laughs) (pleasant music)
(rolling pin banging)
- [Inga] This is like the only time I get to make my mom
look like she's on Chef's Table.
(dramatic music)
- [Inga] Look at those pleats!
Look, homemade bao.
(Kelly laughs) It's cute, right?
We just need to draw a face on it,
and it'll be like the animation.
There's so much filling.
(Kelly laughs) (pleasant music)
- This is the first time Inga make this one, not bad.
- Thanks for the encouragement, mom.
Oh wow!
Yeah, you made it look much better.
Put. - Yes.
Put. - Yeah, good.
- Yeah, how's that?!
Looks like yours.
(pleasant guitar music)
- We're gonna let it proof for a little bit more,
10 minutes, make it look a little bit bigger.
Then we can pop it in the steamer.
(pleasant guitar music)
- Okay, cover them.
When they have steam, you count the time, 15 minutes.
So now we wait? - Mmm hmm.
(pleasant guitar music)
- It's been.
- Open it, and we have the bao.
(tone beeping) - So it's been so. (laughs)
(tone beeping) It's been 15 minutes
since the steam came out.
- Just open it.
Yeah, wow.
- [Inga] Look at that!
- This is a bao.
Can I poke it? - Sure.
- Oh it's so soft.
- Quickly move to the.
Ahhh! - Ooof!
Ta da!
That's good right?
Smells good.
Doing doing.
- Careful, you maybe have juice inside.
- Hot! (Kelly laughing)
(tone beeping)
(women laughing)
(tone beeping) - Okay!
Ta da!
That's what it looks like on the inside.
Cheers! - Cheers! (Kelly laughs)
- Oh it's hot.
Oh it's good.
It's really good! - We made it.
It looks a little bit like the Pixar Animation.
(women laughing)
- Thanks mom, yay!
- Now I need to take a rest. (Inga laughs)
- Oooooh. (woman laughing)
(pleasant guitar music)
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Mom Teaches Daughter How To Make Bao

34 Folder Collection
周建丞 published on August 30, 2019
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