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On this episode of China Uncensored,
America has called Taiwan its unsinkable aircraft carrier.
But there's one thing the US better not call it a country!
Hi, welcome to China Uncensored,
I'm your host Chris Chappell.
The One China policy.
If you're not familiar with it,
the One China policy is an agreement
between China and Taiwan.
The policy says that the People's Republic of China
and the Republic of China both agree
that there's only one country called China.
Oh, and they both claim they're the legitimate government
of the whole thing.
Which is weird, when you think about it--
since both regions have independent governments,
laws, militaries and so on, the way that you know,
two seperate countries do.
The One China Policy also means that other countries
are only allowed to have diplomatic relations with one of them.
They might as well call it the "Highlander Policy"--
"there can be only one, China."
It's like a bunch of people agreeing
not to see the elephant sitting in the middle of the room.
And anyone who tries to say otherwise well--
that's a third-rail issue for Beijing.
But now, Taiwan's new Premier, William Lai,
has stepped on that third rail and electrocuted, uh,
China by saying,
"What are you stupid,
of course Taiwan is an independent country!"
That was a loose translation.
But as you can imagine,
the Chinese Communist Party was not happy.
The CCP has in the past promised military action
if Taiwan ever does declare independence.
Well, not to worry, Premier Lai
did not declare independence.
He merely said Taiwan,
"already was an independent country
called the Republic of China and so
had no need to declare independence."
Yeah, I'm not letting an elephant into the room!
I'm just pointing out that there's already an elephant in the room,
and it's been here the whole time.
How did you not notice this?
Premier Lai's comments came after the CCP
said on Wednesday that Taiwan would
"reap the consequences" of promoting formal independence.
Fortunately, Premier Lai
just pointed out objective reality,
without specifically promoting reality.
And Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council added,
"Taiwan's future and the development of relations
across the Strait will be jointly decided
by Taiwan's 23 million people."
In other words,
Taiwan's government wants Taiwan's fate
to be decided by the people of Taiwan,
and not the Communist Party in Beijing.
Now this may blow the minds of patriotic Chinese nationals
everywhere who freak out when anyone even suggests
that Taiwan might not be anything other than
a breakaway province of the People's Republic of China
that's totally been a part of it all along.
We've reported before about how professors and universities
face pressure for hurting the feelings
of the Chinese people whenever sensitive topics are mentioned.
Well, just listen to this interaction between
a Chinese student and an Indian lecturer in Australia.
Why you always keep saying that?
Saying what?
Saying Taiwan.
In this class you said it twice as a country.
That's because from where I am standing,
Taiwan is a separate country.
Relations between Taiwan and China
have been strained ever since Taiwan's 2016
election of President Tsai Ing-wen.
She came from the Democratic Progressive Party
that believes that Taiwan is already an independent country.
And in her acceptance speech, oops!
She failed to acknowledge the One China principle.
China suspended direct diplomatic contact with Taiwan
soon after that and drove a wedge between Taiwan and countries around the world.
Like Panama.
Known for its hats.
And canal.
Most recently,
a Taiwanese citizen was arrested and detained
for more than 170 days in mainland China,
then appeared on state-run media
for a forced television confession.
"I spread malicious attacks
that defamed the Chinese Communist Party
and China's government
and China's current political system,
and I incited subversion of state power."
Good old vague subversion of state power.
They can arrest anyone for it.
So, the objective reality may be that
Taiwan is functionally an independent country.
But the true test of Taiwan's status as a country
will come when other countries,
like the United States,
start calling the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office
what it really is,
the Taiwan Embassy
And also start calling Taiwan a country.
Do you see the elephant now?
What do you think of Taiwan's call of,
we've always been independent?
Leave your comments below.
Thanks for watching this episode of China Uncensored.
Once again I'm your host Chris Chappell.
See you next time.
You know if Taiwan is a country,
does this mean Mainland China is the breakaway province?
Oh who knows.
But what I do know,
is that if you went to ChinaUncensored.tv,
you could see more amazing content from me!
And Shelley.
Including a half hour episode we upload for free every week.
So check it out now at ChinaUncensored.tv.
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Taiwan Declares It 's Been a Country the WHOLE TIME

504 Folder Collection
葉品銳 published on August 29, 2019    Felicia Wu translated    Evangeline reviewed
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