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Do you have bad BO?
Come on man, we all saw that.
You stink.
But, luckily, we're here to help.
We've done some research and found the best ways, scientifically, to fight body odor.
So what exactly causes bad BO?
For starters, gender, nature, and chronic health issues can all affect your body odor.
For example, people with diabetes may actually have a fruity smelling body odor.
And people with a liver or kidney disease may actually have more of a bleach type smell.
Watch what you eat. Life-style and diet may play a big role in how you smell.
For instance, garlic, spices and alcohol can all have negatively effect your body odor.
Fatty foods, red meat and being overweight can also impact your body odor.
Certain anti-depressants can even cause a change in your body odor.
But what if you're healthy and don't drink and still have BO?
Well, at that point you may wanna try Botox.
That's right, Botox.
A 2003 study where 16 healthy volunteers were injected with Botox under the arm, yielded some positive results.
In fact, after only seven days patients body odor either decreased or improved.
Not into needles?
You might want to try shaving.
Regularly shaving your armpits can help prevent the accumulation of bacteria, which can help prevent sweat and odor.
- Really? - Of course.
Antiperspirants and deodorants are the preferred methods.
That's right. In fact, dermatologist David Pariser recommends an antiperspirant with at least 12% Aluminum Chloride or 20% Aluminum zirconium.
And for best results, use an antiperspirant at night and deodorant in the morning.
I've heard all those chemicals can potentially lead to cancer.
Thought you might mention that.
Actually a majority of experts, including the Director of Medical Content for the American Cancer Society agreed that all of those findings are inaccurate.
That's right, fake news.
So fear not, there are plenty of solutions to help you battle your BO.
And get back to whatever...that is.
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The Best Ways To Fight Body Odor

2519 Folder Collection
Joyce Chiou published on August 28, 2019    Joyce Chiou translated    Evangeline reviewed
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