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- Today we're gonna be labeling a map of Europe.
- Doesn't that look like Europe?
You guys remember how Russia's that really tall country,
you know, from maps?
(jaunty music)
- If you drop me in the middle of my hometown,
I couldn't tell you where I was, where I was going.
It's gonna be real bad.
- Like, why couldn't you give us a Mercator projection?
This is not a map anybody's seen.
You guys have been intentionally deceptive.
You would've gotten it past us
if you'd given us the normal map.
It's not like you needed to make it more difficult.
We're ignorant Americans, we weren't gonna get this anyways.
- Oh, is that how we're gonna come across?
- Of course it's how we're gonna come across.
What do you think the frame of this video is?
- Strategy is do the ones we know first.
- Wow, I'm glad you have one, 'cause I did not have one.
- Try to label the biggest land masses
because that's the most embarrassing if we miss.
- My whole game strategy is just get 100%.
- Okay so, we were given a list of countries
and I was given the order to change my shirt
so I don't blend in over here.
- Feeling bad but let's do this.
- We have ten minutes on the clock.
And those start now.
- Come on, quickly, quickly, quickly!
- This is all water, you're absolutely safe to say
this is water, unless we're just like,
crossing off a bunch of countries, but you know, whatever.
- Russia, cool.
Great Britain is an island.
That's an island.
- Well next to Great Britain then,
we probably are going with like, Ireland is here.
- I know for sure this is Spain, so I will do that.
- And I know this is Framps.
- [Ryann] Can you please put Framps?
- How do you pronounce it?
- France. - What am I saying?
- Framps. - Framps.
- France. - Framps.
Yeah, we're saying the same thing.
- I have to base this off of what I remember
back in the day from like, old queens and like, kings
of like, Great Britain, so I know that like,
they all had like, incestuous relationships with like,
France and like, Germany.
- Where are you going with this?
- This all is gonna make sense in a moment.
- We have ten minutes!
- France, that's France!
- Okay, France, great, great, great, great.
- That's Germany. - Okay Germany, wow, okay.
I really feel like I'm
only going to hold you back here in this.
- Okay, so I know that this is Portugal.
- All right, this is Russia.
- Spain. - Spain, okay, Spain.
And that's Port--
Just a second, I spelled Spain wrong.
- Sprain (laughing).
- This is the United Kingdom.
- This is Ireland.
- We know that this is Denmark.
- No, this is Iceland.
- Boot's Italy.
- Part of me just wants to stop there.
- These three countries.
I think this is the Netherlands,
this is Sweden and this is Finland.
- I know this is Sweden.
- So let's do Sweden.
Finland's on top of it.
I think that's the Netherlands.
- Now I'm nervous.
No, yes, you're right.
- So these three are NSF and I always wanted this to be W,
but it's not, it's Russia.
So it's Norway, Sweden, Finland.
- I would like it on the record that I don't know
if that's correct.
- This is like, Frozen land, like I imagine that like,
if Frozen took place
it has gotta be one of these three places.
Also, we know this is Italy.
- That's Italy, that's an easy one.
- 'Cause it's a nice boot.
- Here's Greece.
- Okay, from Sound of Music, I know this is Austria.
That means Switzerland's here.
- Is this all Europe?
Oh no. - That can't be right.
- That's not part of the Europe I know.
That's not my Europe.
- I believe Amsterdam is here and I forget which country
Amsterdam is in, but I remember the city is here
and that you know what country it is in, right?
- Amsterdam I think is in the Netherlands though.
- Wait a minute.
- Oh, Cyprus is it's own island,
I think this is Cyprus down here, right?
- Is that?
- You have a better guess for Cyprus?
- I sure don't.
- This is Greece, right?
And if that's Greece than this is...
Nope, we're gonna come back to that.
- This is Switzerland, we know that.
- Yeah, let's do that.
- The Vatican is in Rome, which is like here-ish, right?
- Right.
- This has gotta be Denmark, right?
Amsterdam's in Denmark?
That sounds about right.
- I mean, I don't really know.
- Turkey, right?
Is this Turkey? - Sure.
- Ukraine is next to Russia, which one's Ukraine?
Bigger's better? - Sure.
- That's the one, all right, Ukraine it is.
- This is Poland.
- And that means Austria's underneath it, yes?
Sound of Music is what taught me that.
- I think this is Montenegro and Serbia's next to it.
- Oh really?
- Yeah, 'cause they partner up for the Olympics.
- I'd like to phone a friend.
- Are there fake countries on here?
- No, okay, okay, okay.
- Iceland!
- Hold on.
One of these might be Norway.
I'm pretty sure this is Norway.
- Ooh, this can't be right!
- God, Slovakia, Slovenia.
- That, I'm just gonna, it's assuming it's...
- Yeah, we're just gonna say this is USSR.
There's an Estonia over there.
- Texas covers like.
That much.
- Okay, I'm gonna say this is Belgium.
This is Netherlands.
- The Netherlands, that's what it is!
- Okay, so one of these is Lichtenstein
and one of these is Luxembourg.
I think this is Montenegro.
- I think this is Denmark.
- That ones Denmark, let's call that one Denmark.
- This is Turkey, 'cause it borders Syria,
which would be down here. - Right.
- We just gotta start labeling, so just,
where do you want Slovakia to be?
- I want Slovakia to be here.
- Great, that looks great.
- Slovakia?
- Did we put Denmark down here anywhere?
- Denmark is here.
- Oh okay, I think it's over there.
- Oh, okay, let's put it up there.
I trust that.
- So I'm gonna say one of these is Georgia,
one of these is Romania.
- Croatia!
- Croatia, let's put it here. - Good.
- [Director] And time.
- I'm not confident in how we did.
We found out we got 18 out of 49 right,
which is not passing.
- I'm proud that we identified this as water.
- Yes, honestly, bam. - Really well done.
- So we ended up getting 23 out of 49.
- Boom baby!
That's pretty good.
- Maybe your guys at home aren't celebrating,
but that's pretty darn good.
- That is not half, but it is really good.
- I think a lot of central or eastern Europe
is just gonna be very difficult.
- The former USSR, I mean those are new countries.
You gotta give us time to figure out where those things are.
Give us 100 years.
- How you really learn something is if you're actually like,
visiting there and can actually get to experience it,
so not having that experience to kind of,
cement a memory in, I'm just going off what I've seen
on maps and history books.
- Because we're in the states, we learn the states
and the regions in America a lot more,
as if you're in Europe, you probably learn these
because it's like, you travel to them a lot more.
- Love to see all your beautiful countries, Europeans
and learn the names of them.
(jaunty music)
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Americans Try To Label A Map of Europe

185 Folder Collection
juuuddddy published on August 25, 2019
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